Dr Phil: Victoria’s Unhealthy Obsession With Nathan & Attachment Issue


Dr Phil: Victoria's Unhealthy Obsession With Nathan & Attachment Issue

Victoria has attachment issues and is obsessing over her ex-boyfriend Nathan.

Dr Phil: Teen Obsessed With Her Ex

Victoria believes in a fantasy life with her ex-boyfriend Nathan. They started dating in April 2011 but broke up two months ago. Their relationship was rocky and they broke up a lot. He got physical with her and was unpredictable. Now, she is obsessed with him and stalks him every day.


She’s used to harassing him back into her life. Victoria calls Nathan 200 times a day and sends him 1,000 text messages a day. She’s created fake profiles and 40 to 60 fake numbers in order to get through to him. He’s blocked her advances but she still feels he loves her. She can’t eat and spends all day driving to his house, his job and behind his friends’ cars.

Victoria told Dr. Phil that she can’t live without Nathan. She’s falling apart and would be okay if he cheated, beat her, whatever he wanted if he would just come back to her. She said she has never experienced love like this before and wants him in her life.


Dr Phil: Victoria Is “a Bad Rash”

Dr. Phil called Victoria “a bad rash” because she won’t go away. Nathan has sent her mixed signals and slept with her recently. He tells her that he still loves her and wants to work it out. Victoria has tried to get pregnant so that he would come back to her. She recently lied and told him she is pregnant with his baby.

Dr Phil: Attachment Issues

Victoria’s parents left her when she was little. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, but found her mother when she was 17. They reconnected and talked every once in a while. When she broke up with Nathan, she ran to her mom. She felt devastated and her mother kicked her out after a few weeks because she wasn’t doing anything with her life.

Dr. Phil’s advisory board met to discuss Victoria’s case. They believe this obsession is more about Victoria’s mother leaving her as a kid, not Nathan. Dr. Phil thinks that Victoria doesn’t have a life plan and is just clinging to this emotional situation. He agreed with the advisory board. Autism also runs in Victoria’s family and Dr. Phil thinks she could have impaired mirror cells, causing her to mistake what is socially appropriate.



  1. Michael C. Vassallo says

    I watched this episode last night, and although I would definitely say Victoria has a very unhealthy attachment, a big part of me does feel bad for her. Victoria is young and probably inexperienced. I’m not sure how many other boyfriends she has had, but if she hasn’t had many, I can understand why this is so painful for her. I will make it a point to pray for her recovery; I know it won’t be easy, but she does seem like she’s a good kid deep down inside who just wants to believe she deserves love. In the meantime, I can imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for Nathan to constantly be bombarded. He needs to have his privacy and his life respected. Break-ups happen all the time; both of these people are young and have PLENTY of life left ahead of them, and both of them have a right to enjoy that. I wish them both well.

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