Dr Phil: Travis Wants His Casino Fun & Hits His Wife When She Nags Him


Dr Phil: Ending the Silence On Domestic Violence

For Dr Phil, domestic violence is never okay. He demonstrated in this episode just how wrong domestic violence is and why men and women should not abuse their partners, children and spouses.

Dr Phil: Travis Wants His Casino Fun & Hits His Wife When She Nags Him

Travis told Dr Phil he hits his wife because she is a nag and puts too many boundaries on him.


Dr Phil: Kayla & Travis

Travis has been abusing his wife Kayla in many ways for several years. They’ve been married for a year and he was beating her long before that.  She said she would still marry him knowing all of the violence that he has done to her.

He complained that she never stops nagging him and criticizing his actions. He complained to Dr Phil that she is always texting him and complaining that he is never home. He blamed her for provoking his violence.

Kayla told Dr Phil that Travis is never home and when he is, Travis beats her. They have a two-year-old son and Travis complained that Kayla is just no fun. She told Dr Phil that she takes care of their son all day long while Travis works.


“When you have a kid, your type of fun changes,” she told him.

Dr Phil: Horrible Husband Travis

Dr Phil said he thought no one had taught Travis how to be a husband. Travis will go to the casino and gamble. He told Kayla on the way to the Dr Phil taping that he had slept with a woman at a casino twice during their marriage. Once was the night before his son’s second birthday.

Travis’ excuse for his actions was that Kayla is boring, a nag, argumentative, gives him a curfew and an allowance. He said the only way to shut her up is to slap her. He sees nothing wrong with it but also believes you shouldn’t hit a woman. Dr Phil wanted to know if we were being punked here.

Dr Phil asked the audience if they thought Travis should be hitting his wife. There was a resounding “no.” Travis said he didn’t care and that the audience shouldn’t be judging him. Dr Phil told him that they aren’t judging him, but judging his actions. The men in the audience gave a resounding “no” and Dr. Phil said he could go out on the street and ask people.

“You won’t find one non-psychotic who says it’s okay,” Dr Phil told Travis. Dr Phil wanted to give Travis a wake up call without slapping him.


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