Dr. Phil: Tim’s Lack Of A Father Played Part In His Ignorant Behavior


Dr. Phil: Did Brittany’s Friends Threaten To Beat Up Krysten?

According to Krysten, one of Brittany’s friends threatened to beat her up if she spoke badly about Tim on the show, which Brittany denies. Brittany’s friend, Brooke, came to the show to say that she did not threaten Krysten at all and that she simply told her to stay away from Tim.

Dr. Phil: There Is Hope For Tim

Dr. Phil: Tim's Lack Of A Father Played Part In His Ignorant Behavior

Tim’s lack of a father may have played a part in his ignorant behavior.


Tim said that he went in for an evaluation after his visit to Dr. Phil’s show. and Dr. Phil brought on Frank Lawlis, the doctor who carried out the evaluation, on the show to present his findings on Tim.

When Tim got to his clinic, they ran a full battery of tests on Tim, and discovered quit a bit of immaturity and impulsive tendencies, but no type of brain ailments that would point to his violent behavior. His prognosis for Tim is that he is a model for intention, but needs quite a bit of coaching to clean up his act.

All in all, there is a shimmer of hope for Tim. Tim agreed with the prognosis, and said that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get better and get his and Brittany’s child back to Brittany. He wants to, at some point, be civil enough with Brittany to co-parent their daughter. He fully recognizes that he will need to get help to make any of this happen.


Dr. Phil: Tim’s Ignorant Behavior Does Not Come From A Place Of Evil

In order for Tim to mature, there needs to be a lot of gaps filled in. Since he had no father growing up, Tim did not have someone there to give him advice that only a father can give, and many of the outrageous things that Tim says do not necessarily come from a place of evil, but from ignorance. Ignorance is not generally the fault of the ignorant, but it is something that needs to be fixed. Therefore, by getting professional help in the form of therapy, Tim will no longer take part in ignorant behavior.


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