Dr. Phil: Tim Says He Is A Changed Man, But Brittany Doesn’t Think So


Dr. Phil: Tim Says He Is A Changed Man

After Tim was on Dr. Phil in November, he sat down and asked himself some important questions, like, “how could I possibly choke my girlfriend to the point where she passes out” and “what was I thinking when I sat on her while she was pregnant”—questions any self-respecting boyfriend would ask of himself. This reflection opened his eyes to just how messed up an individual Tim was (is?), and he says he is now a changed man.

Though Tim says he is a changed man, he does think that a lot of his violent outbursts were exacerbated by Brittany, in what we like to call blaming the victim. He says that he can’t even look at a picture of her without getting angry now.


Dr. Phil: Brittany Contacted Krysten Telling Her Not To Date Tim

Dr. Phil: Tim Says He Is A Changed Man, Brittany Doesn't Think So

Tim insists that he is a changed man, but Brittany doesn’t believe him.

When Tim got his new girlfriend Krysten (who has children of her own), Brittany quickly contacted her and told her how bad of an idea it was, calling her an idiot in the process. Tim thinks that she was just coming along to try to mess up a relationship that he says is working out well for him.

Tim has no doubt in his mind that he has a love for Krysten that he has never felt for another woman before, and that, with his new lease on life, he has everything he needs to build a long and strong relationship. He thinks that they were brought together to make each other better people.


Dr. Phil: Tim Did Not Listen To Dr. Phil

Tim, like Brittany, did not heed Dr. Phil’s advice when he told them to get away from each other. They went home together right after the show. Tim says that he went and got evaluated, but waited a week before he did it. Dr. Phil did not want them together for another second after they left the show, and they did not listen, which is now why their child is with child protective services.

Well, the good news is that Tim’s evaluation turned up nothing alarming, and he was cleared to go home.

Dr. Phil: Is Brittany Just A Jealous Ex-Girlfriend?

Tim moved on from Brittany pretty quickly, forging a relationship with Krysten, who has children of her own, over Facebook. Right away, Dr. Phil wanted to make sure that Brittany wasn’t here out of jealousy that Tim was with another woman, and that she really wanted to warn her.

Brittany says that the only emotion she has towards Tim is anger. Provided that she is being truthful, it looks like Dr. Phil doesn’t have to worry about any jealous exes on his show…at least for today.

Dr. Phil: Brittany Is A Trigger For Tim

Dr. Phil gets the feeling that the two are a triggers for each other, and are always bringing out the worst in one another. Tim says that he is not ordinarily a violent person, that Brittany just brings out the worst in hi, He says that there were a lot of details left out of his testimony the first time he came in because he was flustered, and part of why he came on was to get that out.

For example, when he broke Brittany’s nose, it wasn’t because she threw out his fast food, it was because that initial argument escalated to the point where she hit him (which Brittany denies), and he hit back in a blind fury.


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