Dr Phil: Teen Failed Drug Tests & Tried To Break Up Parents’ Marriage


Dr Phil: Exasperated Parents Seek Help

Dr Phil met with teenage Callie and her parents, Clint and Tracy. The teen failed drug tests, but says her parents overreact and try to control her life. She has also tried to break up her parents’ marriage, they say.

Dr Phil: Should Callie’s Parents Get Divorced?

Dr Phil: Teen Failed Drug Tests & Tried To Break Up Parents' Marriage

A teen failed drug tests and admitted that she thinks her parents are meddling in her life because they are paranoid and crazy. Does she want to change?


Tracy said that Callie hates her father and and refuses to spend time with him. She thinks the family’s life would be much better if Clint were not a part of it.

She thinks her parents should separate, and is tired of him videotaping her all the time. That does seem like it would get annoying. Clint thinks Callie wants him out of the picture so she can manipulate her mother.

Dr Phil: Teen Failed Drug Tests

In Dr Phil’s studio, Callie explained that she does not want her parents to split up. But she thinks her father fuels her mother’s paranoia and makes her crazy.


She said he wants to drug test her constantly, and her parents reported that she has tested clean maybe 20% of the time. They also attempted to disable her car.

As for the clean drug tests, Callie admitted that she cheated on them to get the negative results. She is not shy about smoking marijuana, which she said will not hurt her. She thinks if she tells Dr Phil she won’t quit her drug habit, he will recommend putting her in rehab.

Dr Phil: Alternative Wilderness Program For Teens

Callie wants to move out and live on her own, but her parents do not think she is ready to take that leap. Dr Phil had a suggestion: he invited Kristen Hayes from the Aspen Education Group to be in the audience.

Kristen’s plan was to put Callie in a wilderness program that would allow her to finish up her high school career and head off to college. “They specialize in helping teens, and they deal with all kinds of issues,” she said.

Callie said she was not interested in the alternative program, which makes sense because she is about to graduate high school. She said she is happy, but Dr Phil reminded her that her household is not peaceful.

Dr Phil: Callie’s Wild Violent Behavior

Dr Phil’s perspective was that Callie would not compromise in a situation that would work for the family. He said that her current attitude would not work for her parents. Callie said her mom and dad are the ones always instigating the arguments.

Clint thinks Callie wants her parents to give up and let her run wild. Dr Phil thought the drug abuse was a deal breaker, and that her parents needed help getting things under control.

He thought the best thing would be for Callie and her parents to get a break from one another. Callie did not believe that her mother would send her away, and was not interested in learning more about the program Dr Phil lined up.

Dr Phil thought her parents should definitely consider this option, despite (and because of) their daughter’s defiance.



  1. says

    You are forgetting that Callie has managed to hold a job on her own and they as parents have every right to send her out to live on her own once she is 18. She can be succesful without a wilderness program and the parents can restore the peace in their household without such an extreme method.

    Secondly wilderness programs are dangerous for teenagers. Many teenagers have died while they were sent to such programs. In fact SUWS lost two boys aged 12 and 13.

    The last outburst from her during this show was not from an angry or manipulating teen. It is from a freigten teen who with just a little knowledge of a wilderness program would know that her life is in danger. It was an awful show to watch.

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