Dr. Phil: Why Is This Teen Dating Someone Nearly Twice Her Age?


Dr. Phil: He’s Nearly 30 & Dating A Teen

Dr. Phil talked to Jeanne on his show today, who says her teen daughter Cheyenne was a perfect daughter up until recently. She was a cheerleader, a track star, and on the honor roll. Then 17-year-old Cheyenne met Josh, a 28-year-old. Now, Jeanne claims that Cheyenne is completely out of control and has become a “behavioral nightmare”.

Cheyenne says she loves Josh and she and Josh are planning to get married. Josh says he can’t wait until Sarah turns 18 so she no longer has to tell with Jeanne and that there’s nothing wrong with his relationship with Cheyenne.


Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of this mess?

Dr. Phil: They Can’t Be Kept Apart

Dr. Phil: Why Is This Teen Dating Someone Nearly Twice Her Age?

Dr. Phil talked to a mother named Jeanne whose 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is dating a 28-year-old man. Is there anything she can do to keep them apart? (AkeSak / Shutterstock.com)

Cheyenne and Josh first got together when she was 16. Cheyenne’s mother Jeanne has tried everything to stop this romance, including missing person reports, court petitions, an order of protection, and a two-week placement in a facility. When Jeanne took out a restraining order against Josh, he went to court and fought to win legal visitation of his barely legal fiance.


Furthermore, Josh is divorced, has been arrested for violent offenses, convicted for assault of a female, and has just recently been taken off probation. He also has supervised visitation of his child, who is nearly a third the age of his fiance.

Dr. Phil: They Met When She Was 7

Cheyenne first met Josh when she was only 7. He would come over to play with her older brother. They reconnected when she was 16 and started hanging out and clicking. They officially started dating when she was 17 and kept it a secret from other people.

Joshua gave Cheyenne a promise ring and instead of a graduation party, they’re thinking about doing a wedding. Cheyenne said they’re even planning to have a child.

“We are in love and nothing will ever keep us apart,” Cheyenne said.

Dr. Phil: She’s Tried Everything To Keep Her Daughter Away From Him

Cheyenne said that when she goes anywhere with Josh, her mom will call the cops and file a missing person report. Jeanne tells Cheyenne that Josh doesn’t care about her and that he’s stalking them. She tells her that Josh is cheating on her.

Josh was arrested for assault for trying to drown his ex-wife. Jean said she’s disgusted with their relationship and she’s contacted Child Protective Services, the police, counselors, and mediators. She’s also called his probation officer “over 100 times” and she’s even tried to have Cheyenne arrested to keep her away from Josh.

“Josh taunts me. He tells me that no matter what I say, he’s going to see Cheyenne. The harder I fight, the more that Cheyenne and Josh fight to be together,” Jeanne said.

Jeanne said she was worried that Josh was going to hurt Cheyenne someday and she wanted to protect her daughter.

Dr. Phil: Does She Think It’s Weird To Date Someone Twice Her Age?

Dr. Phil asked Cheyenne if she thought it was weird that a 28-year-old man is dating a high school student. Cheyenne said it was weird at first and they were just friends. But they liked each other and they looked into what the legal age was. They also found out there was a lot of people with huge age differences in their state.

Cheyenne said it was weird because she was in high school and they couldn’t go to prom together. The two of them went to dinner at a restaurant and took pictures, but Josh wasn’t allowed into the prom because he was too old. Dr. Phil said he could chaperone, but not date.

Cheyenne said on their first date, Josh took her to a playground and sang to her. Cheyenne also mentioned her younger siblings were with them, but Dr. Phil thought it was weird he took his underage girlfriend to a playground.


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