Dr Phil: Sue Wants To Be a Better Wife & Alcohol Drives Andy’s Abuse


Dr Phil: Dysfunctional Marriage

Sue is terrified of her husband Andy. She said she will do whatever he wants to keep him happy and not set him off. Dr Phil’s staff interviewed Sue before the show and they said she is the most terrified person they’ve ever had on the show.

Dr Phil: Sue Wants To Be a Better Wife & Alcohol Drives Andy's Abuse

Dr Phil said that alcohol was the driving force in Sue and Andy’s marriage problems. They seem to drink to get through life.


Dr Phil: Sue’s Fear Of Andy’s Wrath

Sue said she will cook, clean, punish herself and sleep with Andy to prevent his wrath. She doesn’t understand how it got so bad, but blames herself for anything that happens. She said Andy’s drinking has made him violent. He’s beaten her and forced her to sleep with him while he was drunk. Sue will even get drunk with Andy to make it easier.

Andy’s temper and the threat of him hurting her stopped Sue from telling the producers how she truly feels. She said she doesn’t want Andy to get mad because he would leave her.

Dr Phil: Andy’s Abuse

For some reason, Sue wants her marriage to work. She said the only person that could help would be Dr Phil. She believes that Andy will listen to Dr Phil, but he doesn’t listen to anyone else. If no one changes in this relationship, Sue will divorce Andy.


Dr Phil read off the names that Andy has called Sue. “You name it, I’ve called her it,” Andy said.

He’s threatened to kill her with a gun, thrown her against a shed, dragged her by her hair and stabbed their bed with a knife for “fun.” Andy has cheated on Sue and she still takes him back. He said he is violent to protect her.

Dr Phil, Make Me a Better Wife

Sue believes that if she were totally submissive to Andy he would stop hurting her. She wants Dr Phil to make her better wife.

Andy thinks that Sue should respect Andy as the leader. He works long hours and expects Sue to pull her weight. He said he gets mad when Sue doesn’t sleep with him. He thinks the duties of a wife are to cook, clean and provide pleasure in the bedroom. Andy gets irritated when Sue doesn’t do things his way.

Dr Phil: Is Alcohol the Problem?

Dr Phil figured out that drinking is a big problem in their relationship. They’re both talking badly about their relationship and alcohol is the driving force. Sue said she feels like she deserves this love because she doesn’t do life well enough.


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