Dr. Phil: Why Did She Stay With Him? Years of Abuse by Her Husband


Dr. Phil: Abusive Marriage

Dr. Phil has been talking to Jaime and Jay, a couple who are considering getting back together for their 7-month-old child. And let me tell you something: that’s an awful, awful idea. I’m hoping Dr. Phil will talk some sense into these two.

Jay has been physically and verbally abusive to Jaime for a long time. She stopped going to the ER because they were getting suspicious and she wanted to protect him because he was on parole. How did he return that kind of love? He’s choked her, thrown her through doors, busted her lip, and thrown her face into nearby objects. He’s dragged her by her hair and held her over a second floor balcony. Jay is bad news.


Dr. Phil: Why Did She Stay With Him? Years of Abuse by Her Husband

Dr. Phil asked Jaime why she stayed for so long in an abusive situation and told Jay that his behavior was reprehensible and that no woman would have stayed with him forever with that behavior. (Aleutie / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Phil asked him how he would feel when he saw her bruised and broken from his abuse. “Heartbroken,” he said, as he started to cry. When Dr. Phil asked him if he thought it hurt Jaime when he called her all kinds of names. He said yes.

Dr. Phil: Why Did She Stay?

Dr. Phil asked Jaime why she stayed in this situation. She said she was ready to go before she got pregnant. She said she actually started to file for divorce, but when she got pregnant, she wanted to make it work. She said she took her vows very seriously and wanted to be committed and stand by his side.


Dr. Phil: Filing For Divorce

Jay got angry at this statement, because he’s an irrational, abusive, angry man. He said that she didn’t file for divorce then, she filed for divorce later. She countered and said she filed for divorce twice.

Jay said that Jaime has told him that he “made” her divorce him. He seemed very angry about this statement. He said that he didn’t put a gun to her head to force her. Instead of bringing up the abuse, Jaime countered by saying that he was going to move to Texas to be with another woman and that’s forcing her. He shouted and talked over her and was really angry.

Dr. Phil said sarcastically that Jay was charming. “Let me tell you, when you put her in the ER time and time again, when you smash her face into the wall, when you smash her face into the cabinets, when you throw coffee all over her, when you call her every name in the book, that’s making her file for divorce whether you like it or whether you don’t. I don’t care whether you said sign this paper and go down there. When you choose the behavior, you are choosing divorce. Because if this woman stays with you with that conduct, she is wrong. She is seriously wrong. No woman with any self-respect, any dignity, any self-worth whatsoever, would live with someone who treats her the way you treat her,” Dr. Phil said.

Boom! Take that!


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