Dr Phil: Son Calls Cops on Psycho Mom & Beth Mysterious Stomach Cancer


Dr Phil: Does Beth Have Stomach Cancer?

Beth and Carol are constantly fighting and it’s ruining the family dynamic. Carol thinks that her son’s fiancee will never be good enough and Beth thinks her fiance’s mother is too meddling.

Beth has stomach cancer. She has paperwork on it and has confided in her fiance all of the details. Carol doesn’t think it’s serious and thinks that Beth is kickboxing. Beth said she has only 25% of her liver functioning, but her stomach cancer is almost gone. She doesn’t seem to understand much about her cancer.


Dr Phil: Son Calls Cops on Psycho Mom & Beth Mysterious Stomach Cancer

Beth fears that Carol is a psycho mom and she will never allow Beth and Christian to live a married life together. Dr Phil gets info from Christian.

Beth didn’t bring any documentation because she doesn’t trust Carol with it. She didn’t even tell her own family for months into her illness. Dr Phil fears that this lack of communication and he-said-she-said will start to ruin their family dynamic, if there is even a family there to begin with.

Dr Phil said that many of the things he asked Beth about are unclear. She knows about half the facts of her cancer, but said she doesn’t understand a lot of her cancer. She said she gets very ill from the chemo, but is done with treatment.


Dr Phil: Dead Fiancee & Christian Calls Cops on Mom

The facts that Carol knows about Beth and Christian’s relationship are so detailed and private that they began to wonder if Carol had their home bugged. They began looking for microphones all over the home, paranoid that she was listening in. They never found an evidence.

Christian came on stage and immediately said that some things Carol has been saying are wrong and right out lies.

The biggest lie that upset Christian was about a dead fiancee. Christian said he was never engaged and her never dated his friend that passed away. His mother was under the impression that Christian would have married her and was in love. Carol told Beth this and Beth was hurt.

Dr Phil: Dealing With Psycho Moms

Carol did like the dead friend and thought she was much better for her son. Maybe that’s because this other woman wasn’t a threat.

Carol invades the couple’s privacy far too often. She was once caught in their yard pulling weeds. Christian threatened to step on his mother’s hands to get her to stop. Christian said that it was all out of frustration because she wouldn’t stop and go home. He’s even called the cops on her multiple times.

Dr Phil: Dating An Only Child

Christian and his mother have had a very good relationship until he started seeing Beth. He never got super serious with any of them until her started seeing Beth.

Dr Phil pulled out the phrase “psycho moms” and you could feel it all going down hill. Carol might just be an overbearing mom that doesn’t want her son seeing anyone else. No matter who he dates or brings home, his mom will never approve. Christian said he has never brought up relationships with his mom because it’s not her choice. It’s his life and she doesn’t really get a say.

“You deserve a Playboy Bunny,” is something that Beth has said to her son. She denies that, but thinks that is the type of woman her son would go for. She also said that Beth has no moral compass and is a horrible person.

Clearly, Beth and Carol just don’t know each other, so how can they judge one another? Christian thinks his mom’s concerns are legitimate, but he has a deep connection with Beth.


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