Dr. Phil: Why Is She Smiling In The Videos Of Her Child’s Tantrums?


Dr. Phil: Mom Scared of Violent Son

Dr. Phil has been talking to Amie, who claims she’s terrified of her 7-year-old son Jayden because of his violent outbursts and keeps posting videos of her son’s tantrums online. Her ex-husband Chad, however, thinks she’s doing it for the attention. What’s really going on here?

Dr. Phil: Why Is She Smiling In All Of The Videos?

Dr. Phil: Why Is She Smiling In The Videos Of Her Child's Tantrums?

Dr. Phil gave his advice to the family and pointed out that Amie is smiling in all of the videos of her child throwing a temper tantrum. (tigra62 / Shutterstock.com)


Dr. Phil sent the videos to some advisory board members without comment. They all had different specialties, from autism specialists, to psychiatrists, to child specialists. All of them mentioned that Amie smiled throughout the videos. Dr. Phil showed several pictures from a video when she was trying to contain Jayden in a parking lot. In all of them, she was smiling.

Then he rolled the film, where, while trying to contain her son, she smiled at the camera and asked if they were filming.

Dr. Phil: Getting Caught Up In The Audience

Amie admitted that she was smiling in the videos. She said it helps her get through the event. Dr. Phil said he wanted to be clear that he didn’t think she was faking anything. Dr. Phil thought that her son had a lot of issues around touch and interaction and that he’s deeply troubled.


“I just wonder in this YouTube generation if we lose focus on what’s going on and get caught up in the fact that we have an audience,” Dr. Phil said.

Dr. Phil: What Does The Son Say?

Dr. Phil sat down with Jayden to find out what he thought about his behavior. Dr. Phil began by asking him what he thought was funny. Jayden asked him if he ever heard the pizza joke. When he said he hadn’t, Jayden said never mind, it’s too cheesy.

Jayden said he didn’t cry and that when he gets frustrated, he goes to his room. He said he had a hard time waking up in the morning. He said his sister was really nice and he got along with her okay. But he didn’t want to talk about his mom and how they get along.

He said his relationship with his dad was good now that he has a wife. He said when his dad doesn’t have a wife, he’s mean. He mentioned the incident where his dad told him he would “beat his a**” if his mom wasn’t there.

Dr. Phil asked Jayden if he knew his parents loved him. Jayden said he did.

Dr. Phil’s Solution For The Family

Dr. Phil said that he thought Jayden has some issues, but that they’re manageable. He said that he knows they have a real problem on their hands with Jayden and they’re in way over their heads. He said in his opinion, if they keep going the way they’re going, someone is going to get seriously injured.

Dr. Phil said he thought Jayden sees his relationship with Amie as a competition. This means his behavior has become situation-specific. It made Dr. Phil wonder what’s happening environmentally in the home. He thought Amie was doing things to antagonize his behavior. All children need to know the consequences of their behavior. Amie is currently unable to render a consequence, so Dr. Phil said he’s in a lot of trouble in this situation.

He also said that Chad needs to be in Jayden’s life and that they need some help learning how to co-parent. He was willing to offer that help. He also said Amie needs to turn the camera off and be there for her children.


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