Dr Phil: Siblings Abused By Father For 32 Years, Where Is Their Mom?


Dr Phil: Desperate Searches

Three adult siblings, Muriel, Brandi and Les, have come to Dr. Phil for answers. After an absolutely horrific childhood filled with abuse and nightmarish situations, Muriel wants to find the mother that left them as babies. She has asked Dr. Phil and The Locator Troy Dunn to help.

Dr Phil: Muriel’s Childhood Abuse

Muriel and her siblings were abused by their father and his friends as kids. She said the abuse began when she was three. Her father told her that her mother ran off to avoid him and his abuse. Muriel and her siblings wondered why their mother, Brenda Lee, never tried to find them. Muriel has no memories of her mother and her father is now dead.


Muriel said their father was a monster. She said he would threaten to kill himself or cut himself to keep them in line. She wanted to be a daddy’s girl and please him.

Dr Phil: Les & Brandi’s Childhood

Dr Phil: Siblings Abused By Father For 32 Years, Where Is Their Mom?

Muriel and her siblings were abused by their father until his death. They now want to know what happened to their mother.


Les and Brandi don’t want to meet their mother. Les was the most physically abused of them all. He wants some answers but can’t imagine that his mother is alive. He hopes she is but can’t imagine what he would say to her if she were in front of him.

Brandi doesn’t think that her mother deserves them. She doesn’t understand what would keep a mother from her kids. She said she wanted her as a kid but now doesn’t think she has a mother. What could their mother say to make the last 32 years better?

The siblings don’t talk to each other much. Muriel is the one that tries to hold them all together, but their past is defining them. They were told that their dad took them away from their mother, but why didn’t she try to find them? This question haunts them.

Dr Phil: What Happened To Brenda Lee?

The three siblings have two half-sisters. Kathleen is their father’s oldest child. She witnessed the abuse and remembers Brenda Lee more than the three siblings. She said she was a kind, sincere, funny woman. She said it was common to be woken up in the middle of the night to clean Brenda Lee up after their father had beaten her.

Dr. Phil said they have found information about Brenda Lee.


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