Dr Phil: Setting Examples For Kids & Right and Wrong Way To Divorce


Dr Phil: Dawn & James’ Marriage Meltdown

During their 18 year marriage, Dawn and James have not had a stable and loving home. They’ve regularly abused each other and it’s affected their children. Their kids are the ones that wrote in to Dr Phil about their family problems.

Dr Phil: Setting Examples For Kids & Right and Wrong Way To Divorce

Dr Phil told Dawn and James that they are setting examples for kids in their marriage. They are not good role models with their current behavior.


James has been cheating on his wife and his kids resent him for it. Dawn has also been cheating on her husband and her kids know about her cheating as well. She’s let them look at their father’s phone records and call his girlfriends and mistresses to confront them. Dr Phil is very concerned about this family.

Dr Phil: James Wants Out

James doesn’t want to leave his marriage because of his kids. He thinks that he has fallen in love with another woman and is ready to move on. He now wants out of the marriage and wants Dawn to move on. He is tired of the drama and Dawn’s abuse.

Dawn was upset because James lied. James feels that he doesn’t have to tell the truth and doesn’t want to drag his girlfriend into the drama.


Dawn said she still loves James and wants the marriage to work. She said the kids know about her indescretions. She didn’t want the kids to hate just their father, so she told them about her cheating.

Dr Phil: Marriage Issues & Setting Examples For Kids

Dr Phil said that they need to think about the kids. He doesn’t think that these parents are good role models for their kids’ character. They are modeling infidelity, lack of commitment, abuse and disrespect.

There is a right way and a wrong way to get out of a marriage, said Dr Phil. He said that James’ girlfriend is most likely a loser because she is with James. He has horrible values and a messed up system of thinking. His girlfriend knows that he is married with kids.

These parents need to model good behavior and a stable environment for their kids.


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