Dr Phil: Serial Infidelity & What Causes Cheating?


Dr Phil: Cheating Spouse

Dr Phil: Serial Infidelity & What Causes Cheating?

Dr Phil met a man accused of serial infidelity for cheating on his wife with dozens of other women. He blames her for his actions. What causes cheating?

Have you ever caught your boyfriend or spouse looking at another woman while you are out on a date? According to a recent study cited by Dr Phil, 98% of men admitted to fantasizing about someone other than their partner. Dr Phil’s guest was the victim of a serial cheater. What causes cheating? Can Dr Phil help?


But what happens when fantasy leaps out of your mind and into a real possibility? Cheating is not confined to any circumstance, social circle, or occupation.

Dr Phil: Serial Infidelity

Emerald said her husband has cheated on her with 78 different women, that she knows of. Her husband Shawn cheats on her every day, constantly keeping another girlfriend and several backups on the side.

She said it is tearing his family apart, and he blames her for not meeting his needs. She said she goes out of his way to create a loving home and make him feel satisfied. She said that she chooses to honor their marriage.


Dr Phil: Why Men Cheat

Shawn said that he cheats on her as a way to relieve all the stress in his life. But he blames her for the infidelity in their relationship. “If Emerald treated me better at home, I wouldn’t have a need to go out….,” he said. “Seeing other women made me feel appreciated and wanted.”

He said that Emerald complains about his wants and needs, unlike his multiple girlfriends. He said that he thinks Emerald is just using him for a paycheck, and he does not plan to stop cheating anytime soon.

Dr Phil: What Causes Cheating?

In the studio, Shawn said that he has only cheated 20 times, but why quibble over numbers? Dr Phil wondered why Shawn does not feel he is complicit or responsible for his behavior.

Dr Phil asked where he finds women to have affairs with. He finds them at work, but his job is as a school district custodian. But Phil said that he would have a hard time coming up with so many options for romantic attention.

Dr Phil: Romantic Attention In Relationships

Emerald said she does not have the option to give him attention and fulfill his needs. He gives her excuses for everything and she feels like there is nothing she can do to give him what he says he wants.

She used to lay out his clothes, make him dinner, and spend time with him to show him that she cared for him. “That’s still not good enough,” she said, noting that he accused her of faking her affections for him.

Dr Phil: Cheating Husband

Shawn said that he carries out his trysts in hotel rooms, and these other women he cheats with pay for thing and give him money, taking care of him and his needs. Dr Phil wondered who is craziest in the relationship.

Emerald said she thinks it is her, because she always hoped to have a family and be a stay-at-home mom. Shawn is not making her dreams come true, but she stayed because she wanted it to work out. But she said she feels manipulated and controlled in their relationship.

Dr Phil: Husband Blames Wife For Cheating

What was Dr Phil’s diagnosis? For starters, the affairs are clearly not Emerald’s fault. “He has a teenage mentality. He’s totally hedonistic. It doesn’t have anything to do with you,” Dr Phil said.


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