Dr. Phil: Did He Send His Wife Fake Texts Claiming He Was In An Accident?


Dr. Phil: Is She Selling Her Story to the Audience?

Dr. Phil has been sitting down with Frank and Dana, who got married after only eight¬†weeks. Now, a year and a half later, their marriage is in trouble. Frank is now abusive and has a serious gambling problem. Dr. Phil asked Frank if he “bait and switched” her to trick her into marriage.

Dana said that when she met Frank, there was a loving part of Frank she saw that’s still there, somewhere under the surface. But now, she thinks he’s a lunatic. Dana turned to the audience and started asking them to put themselves in her shoes. Dr. Phil wondered why she was talking to the audience and if she was trying to sell her story to them.


Dr. Phil: Are They Different People Than They Were At The Start?

Dr. Phil: Did He Send His Wife Fake Texts Claiming He Was In An Accident?

Dr. Phil learned Frank had sent a number of fake texts to Dana claiming he was in a horrible accident. Why would he do something like that? (7505811966 / Shutterstock.com)

Both Frank and Dana agreed the other one is different than they expected them to be. Frank said Dana has been a trigger for him and brought out bad things in him. But that wasn’t Dana’s intention. It’s important to note that Dana is raising three teenagers. When Frank got married to her after only eight weeks, he suddenly lived in a house full of women and was a father figure to three daughters.

Dr. Phil: Gambling Problem

Frank admitted to be actively gambling right now, although Dana didn’t know that. She thought he was going to work when he was actually gambling. In the past, he took hundreds of dollars out of her accounts, which he hacked into without her permission. Frank said it was $800, but he put it all back the next day. Dana said that wasn’t acceptable or okay to her.


Dr. Phil: Did He Text Her Pretending To Be Fake People?

Frank has secretly videotaped Dana and recorded audio of her without her knowledge. He also texted Dana pretending to be other people. Frank texted Dana pretending to be someone named “Bridget” who was supposedly texting Dana from the site of an accident Frank was supposedly in. “Bridget” said that Dana should call the hospital because Frank was in an accident. “Bridget” claimed to be someone who got her number from Frank’s phone after the supposed accident.

“Bridget” also said that the phone she was using could only text and that she couldn’t be specific. Frank claimed he didn’t do it, but Dr. Phil pushed him. Dana said Frank has done it before, sending a text telling her that there was a bad accident. Frank admitted to doing that one, but he didn’t do this one. “No wonder you lose money gambling. You don’t have a good poker face,” Dr. Phil said. Finally, Frank admitted that he sent the “Bridget” texts. Dr. Phil thanked him for finally being honest. Frank said he knew Dr. Phil could detect body language and when he said no, he knew Dr. Phil was onto him.


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