Dr Phil: Repairing Relationship Of Teen Mom Lauren & Daughter Kayla


Dr. Phil: Former Teen Mom Worries For Daughter

After helping Karieann and daughter regarding the topic of teen pregnancy, Dr. Phil met with Lauren and her daughter, Kayla. As a former teen mom herself, Lauren, 36, was worried that Kayla, 18, would repeat her exact same mistakes.

Dr Phil: Repairing Relationship Of Teen Mom Lauren & Daughter Kayla

Dr. Phil spoke with a former teen mom, Lauren, who needed help rebuilding her relationship with daughter Kayla.


Lauren explained that she got pregnant at the age of 17, and eventually sent her daughter to be raised by her mother because she “needed a break.” At the age of 12, Kayla moved back in with her mom, but things became difficult when Kayla turned 15. Lauren and Kayla began butting heads, and now Lauren worries about Kayla’s attitude and behavior.

Lauren found bottles of alcohol in Kayla’s room and also learned that she had taken a pregnancy test. Kayla’s boyfriend now lives with her, but is she really in danger of getting pregnant?

Dr. Phil: Repairing Relationship Of Teen Mom Lauren & Daughter Kayla

According to Kayla, she does not believe she’s in danger of getting pregnant. However, if she did get pregnant, Kayla said “I wouldn’t treat my child the way she treated me.” In the end, the issue was more about Lauren and Kayla’s strained relationship, rather than Kayla’s behavior.


Clearly, Lauren’s intentions for her daughter were good. She explained how difficult it was getting pregnant in the 11th grade and how she wants a better life for Kayla than she had. However, there’s no denying that Lauren’s actions placed a major strain on their relationship. Kayla emphasized that she felt abandoned by her mother, which makes it difficult to get along.

“I can’t believe you’re insulting her intelligence,” Dr. Phil told Lauren. Despite the fact that she said abandoning Kayla “wasn’t her intention,” that’s exactly what she did. Dr. Phil believed that Lauren wasn’t being authentic.

Dr. Phil: Lauren Is an “Excuse Machine”

Kayla recalled a time when the police were called over a fight with her mother. This was back when Myspace was popular, and Lauren wanted help updating her online profile. When Kayla refused because it was midnight on a school night, Lauren broke her daughter’s phone and a physical fight commenced.

“I put up walls, definitely, because she’s hurt me so much in the past,” Kayla explained. She wishes that her mother would “put me on the list of things that are important.” She also called her mother a hypocrite for having bad habits of her own, like drinking.

When Dr. Phil called Lauren “an excuse machine,” she finally admitted to the pain she’s caused her daughter. “It was my fault,” she said,  “But I do want us to build a relationship, I love her.” Dr. Phil advised this former teen mom to start taking action in rebuilding her relationship with her daughter before it’s too late. What do you think? Will teen mom Lauren & daughter Kayla ever get along?


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