Dr Phil: Repairing Broken Family Of Ten Kids & Scott & Melinda Divorce


Dr. Phil: Whitney Wants To Repair Family

Dr. Phil detailed a domestic drama that sounded like it could have been based on a dramatic soap opera plot. We first met Whitney, 27, who is the oldest of ten children. She explained how her father left her mother for a younger woman, and how their family has been bitterly divided every since. Can this broken family ever heal?

Whitney recalled growing up in a happy family, but five years ago, everything changed. Whitney’s father, Scott, left his wife and mother of his 10 children, Melinda, for a young woman named Ashley. Ashley was only 19 at the time. Now, each family member has taken a side, and Whitney is the only child who currently speaks to both parents. Her sister, Lindy, is the only child who chose to live with her father and Ashley. The younger kids live in Missouri with their mom and refuse to talk to their family. Whitney has another brother, Kyle, who is currently serving in the military and tries to stay out of it.


Dr Phil: Repairing Broken Family Of Ten Kids & Scott & Melinda Divorce

Dr. Phil detailed the drama of a broken family of 10 kids, two parents and one young mistress.

Whitney contacted Dr. Phil in hopes of repairing her family. “Our family is broken,” she admitted, her eyes filled with tears. Dr. Phil was a bit nervous about entering this clearly volatile situation, but things were just beginning to heat up.

Dr. Phil: Melinda and Scott Divorce

Whitney said that her parents have been “fighting dirty” for the past five years. Melinda said that when Scott left her, her “world stopped,” and she considers Ashley to be a homewrecker. Scott called his marriage to Melinda “one long argument,” and said he doesn’t regret a thing.


Melinda admitted to begging on her knees for Scott to stay with their family when she discovered his infidelity. Despite the children’s tears, though, Scott decided to leave anyway.

“I realized I hated Melinda more than I loved my children,” he said.

Dr. Phil: Scott and Melinda Face-To-Face

When Melinda and Scott sat face-to-face for the first time in five years, the situation was obviously a hostile one. Melinda could barely look Scott in the eye because he “disgusts” her. Scott was fed up with Melinda “playing the martyr” as well as her refusal to accept responsibility for her part in their breakup.

Dr. Phil pointed out something that had also been bothering me since the moment I heard Scott say it on tape: “I realized I hated Melinda more than I loved my children.” It seems that a real father could never say such a thing, let alone mean it. “That shocked me…as a father, I find that inconceivable” Dr. Phil said.

When he asked Scott if he actually meant it, the camera panned to Whitney, who was visibly upset. Scott said that at the time, he did mean it. “I would do anything for my children,” he attempted to clarify, “except stay with their mother.”

There was a lot more back and forth yelling that didn’t make much sense, because clearly, Scott and Melinda had a hard time being civil towards one another. When Dr. Phil asked them what their goal in appearing on the show was, Scott said that he hoped to gain “a healthy relationship” with the children. Melinda’s goal, on the other hand, was that “he would drop dead and die.”


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