Dr Phil: Relationship With Your Ex & Meddling Mother-In-Law Judgements


Dr Phil: Having A Relationship With Your Ex

Ryan’s parents refuse to throw Ryan’s ex aside. They’ve invited the ex on family vacations and to holidays that Ryan wasn’t invited to. Gayle said that if Ryan was with a decent girl, namely not Hannah, she wouldn’t invite his ex-fiancée over at the same time.

Dr Phil: Meddling Mother-in-Law

Dr Phil: Relationship With Your Ex & Meddling Mother-In-Law Judgements

Should your parents have a relationship with your ex?


At this point Gayle wanted to clear the air about her reputation. She felt she was being portrayed as the villain and that the audience didn’t like her. She said that Ryan was the one who gave her the ultimatum. His ultimatum was if his parents want nothing to do with Hannah, he wants nothing to do with them.

Gayle sat her son down a week into his relationship with Hannah and told him she believed his relationship was based in sin. Ryan said he was breaking up with Hannah, but then they got back together. Gayle said she is not a manipulative person and has never tried to pick his girlfriends. Gayle wanted the world to know that she raised her family in a Christian home and to have morals.

Gayle can live with the fact that Ryan won’t get back together with his ex, but she thinks Hannah’s not a respectable girl. She said Hannah has a smart mouth and it’s only a matter of time until her true colors come out to Dr. Phil. Gayle’s final words were, “I’m not a meddling mother-in-law.”


Dr Phil: Parents’ Relationship With Your Ex

Ryan’s parents want to rekindle the relationship with their son, but only if Hannah is not in the picture. As long as Ryan’s parents speak with his ex, Ryan wants nothing to do with them. Dr Phil said it is unfair to set these ultimatums and to keep grandparents from their grandchildren. He also said that grandparents should have a relationship with the mother of their grandchildren.

Dr Phil: Biased Judgments

Dr Phil asked Gayle if she was getting her information about Hannah from a biased source, possibly Ryan’s ex. Gayle said she wouldn’t take bias into account and is making the judgements solely on her beliefs. She has heard things about Hannah around their small town. Dr. Phil pulled out a mile long list of Hannah’s faults that Gayle had named off, including excessive drinking and racy Facebook photos. Gayle doesn’t believe it is possible for Hannah to be misjudged and does not believes that Hannah is a good person.


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