Dr Phil: Plagiarized Love Letters & International Scam Artist Revealed


Dr Phil: Danny Williams $6 Million International Scam Artist

Angie is convinced that her UK boyfriend Danny Williams is real. Despite pleas from Dr. Phil and her son and mounting proof of the scam, Angie refuses to believe she was scammed for this long.

Dr Phil: Plagiarized Love Letters & International Scam Artist Revealed

Angie refuses to believe that Danny is not an international scam artist, even after the mounting evidence against him.


Angie said that Danny put a stop on the $6 million he was sending her. A document from the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Department and Weapons of Mass Destruction gave her the stop order, but this agency does not exist.

“Did you Google it or something?” Angie asked bitterly. Angie was told by Danny that since 9/11 the government won’t allow that amount of money to be put in another person’s name.

Dr Phil: Fake Construction Photos

Danny sent Angie photos he took in December of 2011 that included the crane she helped fund. Dr. Phil’s private investigator found that these photos were from May 20 2010. Furthermore, no Danny Williams has ever worked for Bill Multi-Construction CC in any capacity.


Angie asked Dr. Phil why anyone would carry on a scam like this and agree to talk to him. Dr. Phil asked her to look to her left.

“Is he there?” Dr. Phil asked. Two calls to Danny did not get answered.

Dr Phil: Love Letters Plagiarized

Danny sent Angie sweet love letters and poems talking about what he likes, dislikes and values in a person. These poems and paragraphs were copied straight from books, such as Deceptions of the HeartAngie said she knew they were stolen and thought it was sweet. She had never had a man do something that sweet for her before, she said.

Dr Phil: Scammers Revealed Website

On a website that reveals known scammers, Dr. Phil found Danny’s name and the name of the person behind him. This person lives in Nigeria. Angie’s son Brandon had found this before, but his mother still refuses to believe it. She doesn’t think someone would fool her for this long.

Dr Phil: Match.com International Money Scam

A past guest on Dr. Phil, Dawn, was in a situation similar to Angie. She fell in love with a man on match.com and gave him $30,000. She found out that her European lover was actually someone in Turkey using her to get money. The man told her he was a secret agent and couldn’t reveal much about himself. She called him after Dr. Phil and told him she thought he was a scammer. He got angry, denied it and told her to never call again.

Both men said they were single dads, sent stolen love letters, had jobs in construction and went into debt shortly after meeting the women. They were both in accidents with police, arrested and denied entry to the U.S.

After all of this evidence, Angie still believes Danny Williams and his money are real.



  1. Angela Callaway says

    It’s ashame that lady got snowed by that man like she did thinking he actually was serious and he was all the while playing games with her. I would hope she got her money back.sadly i been snowed also but it never lead to any promise of marriage.just other stuff.

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