Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Father Tells Wife To Take Ownership Of Actions


Dr. Phil: Henry’s Secret Photos

Henry has been married to Deborah for 28 years. On her 50th birthday, Deborah got a gastric bypass. Unbeknownst to Henry, gastric bypass patients have a high propensity towards becoming alcoholics. Deborah soon developed a taste for vodka, and the intimacy slowed down. This hurt him immensely, and he resorted to adult websites to find a woman that looked like his wife so as to fill the void that had been left. This is where his peeping tom career started.

While on the adult site, Henry befriended another user, who shared revealing photographs of his wife with him. Henry, in turn, shared photos of Deborah. According to Henry, Deborah had given him permission to take photographs of her over the years, even going so far as to say, “I don’t really care what you do, as long as I don’t know.” In Henry’s mind, this was all the permission he needed.


Dr. Phil: Henry Used iPhone To Take Videos, Didn’t Put Up Surveillance Cameras

Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Father Tells Wife Take Ownership Of Actions

Henry thinks that Deborah is partially responsible for the leaked photos, and think she needs to take ownership of it.

Using his iPhone to randomly take video of his wife as she came to and from the bathroom in her birthday suit, Henry would later cut up photos of her from the video. Henry thinks that he videoed his wife around 20 times. He wasn’t aware that the “friend” he had made on the adult site was posting the photos.

Henry also denies that he posted “surveillance cameras,” as was reported. All Henry used, he claims, was his iPhone and his laptop computer—items that just about anyone would have.


 Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Ostracized From Home

Once Henry’s son discovered the photos online, the family immediately turned against him (surprise, surprise). A lot of hateful things were said that couldn’t make it on air without a few censors, but the big takeaway would be what his daughter said to him: we don’t want you in this house anymore.

After leaving home for around two months, Henry came back at Deborah’s request to help her out. However, he was not allowed to sleep in the bedroom unless she wasn’t there, and there was no intimacy.

Dr. Phil: Henry Wants To Save Marriage

Despite the mess he’s made, Henry still wants to save his marriage and win his wife’s trust back. However, Henry isn’t ready to take all the blame for what has happened. The couple have a history of photo taking, according to Henry, so he doesn’t see this situation as much different. Henry also does not want to be pegged as the one who put the photos online – the man he sent them to did. Grasping on straws there, eh, Henry?

Dr. Phil: Take Ownership For Actions

The marriage was beginning to strain, according to Henry, after the two spent one of the summers following Deborah’s gastric bypass alone, where passion and intimacy ran amok. When that suddenly stopped, it stopped hard. Deborah seemed like she was ashamed to be with him, and it brought him to his knees. Not wanting to cheat on his wife, Henry resorted to the adult sites where he met his friend, and the mess they are now in began to take form.

It is Henry’s opinion that Deborah shares part of the blame. He feels that she has to take ownership for turning him down in the bedroom, not managing her depression, and saying that she had to be drunk for them to sleep together. If she hadn’t acted that way, none of this would have ever happened, says Henry. Dr. Phil calls this absurd.

Deborah says that Henry his his intentions with the camera, telling her he was setting up his laptop to watch for the kids stealing vodka and Xanax, and taping over the camera’s red light, so as to conceal when the camera was recording.


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