Dr. Phil: Past Abuse & Violent Parents Influencing Their Child


Dr. Phil: Past Abuse & Violent Parents Influencing Their Child

Gina’s and Jeremy’s past abuse is negatively affecting their relationship now.

Dr. Phil: Abusive Relationship Caused By Past Abuse

Dr. Phil thinks that Gina and Jeremy‘s hidden abusive relationship is the result of past abuse. Dr. Phil though that Jeremy was rendered powerless in the past, and the abuse he was subjecting Gina to was his way of making sure he was never powerless again. He said that rage like Jeremy’s can only come from within, and was not reactive to things that Gina was doing to him, like he said it was.


Dr. Phil told Gina that, though she thinks that she can drive Jeremy over the edge sometimes, that she didn’t truthfully have the power to pull the kind of rage out of Jeremy that he was displaying in the form of the brutal feelings. Once again, rage like Jeremy was exhibiting could only come from the inside, not the other way around.

Dr. Phil: Gina Was Violated At Age 11

Gina said that she said she would sometimes incite Jeremy to violence because he didn’t spend a lot of time with her, and she would rather have Jeremy yell at her than ignore her. Part of this came from Gina’s past, when she was violated at age 11, which made her feel powerless. To this day, Gina can still remember the abuse as vividly as if it had just happened yesterday. The abuse changed who she was.


Jeremy and Gina, two damaged people, came together and started to damage each other, as well. This abusive relationship was the result of a wounded soul that was forged in the fires of past abuse, not the material items that they were claiming it was about. This abusive relationship, unfortunately, is beginning to hurt their son.

Dr. Phil: Gina And Jeremy Are Teaching Their Son To Be Violent

With Gina and Jeremy constantly fighting, their violent behavior is rubbing off on their son, who was starting to exhibit violent behavior, and she feels like the worst mother ever. He will fight with his parents and bite them, pull their hair, and physically harm them. Her son’s behavior is starting to look eerily similar to Jeremy’s and Gina’s.

Dr. Phil said that Gina and Jeremy are programming their son to become physical when he feels anger. Bullies come from homes where bullying is manifested by parents that manage by intimidation. Gina and Jeremy, according to Dr. Phil, couldn’t have designed a bully any more effectively if theiy had designed on in a lab.

Dr. Phil said that Gina is not only not fulfilling her protective duties as a mother, but harming her son, as well. This abusive relationship is having a negative impact on the child’s development.


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