Dr Phil: Parents Vs Fiancée Ultimatum & Family Vacation With Son’s Ex


Dr Phil: Relationship Based In Sin?

Gayle refuses to accept Ryan’s fiancée Hannah because she used to date Ryan’s best friend. Ryan said they didn’t start dating until months after Hannah broke things off with his friend. Gayle said she will not and cannot accept Ryan’s relationship because it is based in sin.

Dr Phil: Family Vacation With Son’s Ex

Dr Phil: Parents Vs Fiancée Ultimatum & Family Vacation With Son's Ex

Ryan’s mother believes he is in a sinful relationship with Hannah.


Ryan’s ex-fiancée and the mother of his child has become very close with his parents. They’ve had her over for birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. They’ve even taken her on vacation with them and forced Ryan to stay away. Ryan said he doesn’t understand why his parents love his ex more than him.

Gayle said that friend’s exes should be off limits. She admits to having Ryan’s ex over all the time and said she will continue to have her over. She agreed to meet Hannah, but doesn’t think that a reasonable girl would stay with a man whose parents hated her.

Dr Phil: High School Bully Attitude

Hannah said that Gayle is worse than a high school bully. She has sent numerous cards and gifts to Ryan’s parents in an attempt to have a relationship with them, but they still ignore her. She said that she gets the nastiest looks and is treated like trash by Ryan’s mom. Coming to Dr. Phil is Hannah’s last attempt to have a happy family with Gayle.


Proving Hannah right, Gayle gave Hannah a disgusted look when she sat down across from her. Gayle insists that Hannah has not tried numerous times to contact her and even ignored her to her face. Ryan asked his mom how Hannah was supposed to know who she was if they’ve never met. Still, Gayle threw out more life lessons, saying “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” It seems like if she were following this, she wouldn’t be treating Hannah like garbage.

Dr Phil: Parents Vs Fiancée Ultimatum

Ryan and Hannah started dating a year after Ryan broke things off with his ex. He dated other women in that time, but every time his ex heard about it she would call his mom. Ryan’s mother would then call Ryan and make him end the relationship.

Hannah said this is the last straw with Gayle. If Gayle won’t accept her, that’s fine. Ryan has already given his parents the ultimatum and refused to speak to them is they don’t accept his fiancée. He wants a relationship with his parents, but not like this.


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