Dr Phil: Parents Unsupportive Of T.J.’s Relationship With Older Woman


Dr Phil: Melissa’s In Love With a Minor

Melissa is 30 and has been dating T.J., 17, since he was 16. They have a rocky relationship but they want to set the record straight. Melissa said she is not a predator and never set out to be with a minor. They now have a four-month-old daughter and Melissa is facing 15 years in prison.

Dr Phil: Parents Unsupportive Of T.J.'s Relationship With Older Woman

Melissa was taken aback when T.J’s parents didn’t support their relationship on Dr. Phil. She and T.J. have a four-month-old baby together.


Dr. Phil told the couple that the risk factors of their relationship are high. Melissa has been acting high and mighty during the whole thing and she isn’t being real with Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil brought out T.J.’s father and stepmother to get their side of this tumultuous relationship.

Dr Phil: What Do T.J’s Parents Think Of Melissa?

T.J. said he wants to be with a woman that will take care of her kids. His mother left him as a child and his stepmother hasn’t been the kind of mom he wanted her to be. Stepmom, Sea, thinks the relationship between T.J. and Melissa is completely wrong. She called Melissa a pedophile and sees this as a crime.

T.J.’s dad, Ed, said the relationship is wrong. T.J. only thinks of T.J., he said, and Melissa lied about her age when they first met. T.J. told his dad that they practiced lying about her age. Ed said he has never been supportive of the relationship and Melissa broke a lot of laws and promises.


Dr Phil: Ed’s Take On Melissa

Melissa told Ed that she wouldn’t have sex with T.J. until he was 18. She said she doesn’t remember being asked that and fought over Ed being unsupportive. She was stuck on how Ed used to be nice to her in the beginning and now is being hateful.

Ed wants Melissa and T.J. to get help and stop fighting or break up for good. It’s harder now that they have a child together. Ed said T.J. has come to him many times saying that they were done. Last week, T.J. had a list of TV shows and he told his dad that he was going to call each one and ruin Melissa’s life.

Dr Phil: Melissa the Victim?

Melissa was getting more and more confrontational. She said she felt like she was the victim and was under a lot of pressure.

“You need to get real here, lady,” Dr Phil said. Then he exploded at how ridiculous Melissa was being. He said he had a lot of dirt on her that he could use to tear her character down, but he wouldn’t use it. He gave her a platform to tell her side and she didn’t say a word.


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