Dr. Phil: Newly Reunited Sisters Reminisce & Grandmother Poisons Baby?


Dr. Phil: Lori Tells Marlinda What Happened To Their Siblings

Lori lost two of her older siblings at only two months old when her mother killed them. After discovering that she had another sister two years ago, however, Lori has been searching for her ever since. Dr. Phil and Troy Dunn caught wind of the dramatic story, and now we have two newly reunited sisters.

Marlinda may now know that she has a sister, but she still doesn’t know what happened to hers and Lori’s biological mother. Troy Dunn told Marlinda that she is one of five children, but her mother, in the throes of mental illness, killed off her three other siblings—one by poisoning and two by gunshot. When Marlinda was born, her mother was incarcerated, so she had to give up Marlinda.


Lori wanted to make sure Marlinda got all this information in the presence of a support system, and was very happy that she was found before she learned these cold facts all on her own without any context. Marlinda said that she was a little sickened that her mother would have done what she did. She was happy to know the truth, though, because Marlinda was always told that her mother was a nurse that moved to the Carolinas.

Dr. Phil: Grandmother Poisons Baby?

Dr. Phil: Newly Reunited Sisters Reminisce & Grandmother Poisons Baby?

Two newly reunited sisters traded stories and found out what happened to their biological mother.


There was still one unknown, however, and that was what happened to their mother, which Lori filled her in on. One day, Lori, her husband, and her two year old son went to visit her mother, Odelia, one day in her home, and Lori, to keep her son safe, put all of Odelia’s medications away in a cupboard.

Off the medication, however, Odelia quickly became unstable. One day, she excused herself from the kitchen table, and came back acting uncharacteristically cold. Worried, Lori ran to her son’s crib, where she found him in his crib surrounded by pills. Lori’s son was rushed to the hospital, where Lori was told by the doctor’s that pumped her son’s stomach that if she hadn’t followed her instincts, her son would have died.

Though Odelia denied poisoning Lori’s son, Lori knew there was no way she didn’t do it. Since the incident, Lori and Marlinda’s mother has passed.

Dr. Phil: Where Do The Newly Reunited Sisters Go From Here?

Dr. Phil wanted to confirm that genetics only determine what can happen, not what will happen. He said that the sisters will have to slowly get to know each other and ease their way into their sisterhood.


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