Dr Phil: “My Friend Is Too Obsessed With Me” & Playing The Victim


Dr Phil: Stalker Friend Obsessed

Tracy said that her former friend Jinda is stalking her and Jinda needed Dr. Phil to point out all of these stalker friend warning signs to her. She admitted to it being a strange relationship, but she also said that she didn’t see any problem with how she was acting. Dr Phil thought she was simply playing the victim.

Dr Phil: Friend’s Wedding Party

Dr Phil: "My Friend Is Too Obsessed With Me" & Playing The Victim

Everyone thinks that Jinda obsessed with Tracy. Jinda said she looks like a villain, but according to Dr Phil, she is just playing the victim.


Tracy and her husband introduced Jinda and her husband in hopes that Jinda would leave them alone. Jinda asked them to be a part of her wedding and against Tracy’s better judgement she agreed. She said they didn’t stay long and didn’t have a good time. Jinda perceived this all differently. She said that Tracy was thrilled to be a part of her wedding and was like her cheerleader.

Dr Phil: Ending A Friendship

Jinda admitted that there is now no relationship between she and Tracy. She doesn’t want to accept that. She said they met and something clicked. Tracy helped her through horrible times. She said their relationship wasn’t perfect and she was not a perfect friend. She regrets some of the things she has said to Tracy. Jinda doesn’t think that you should cut someone out of your life.

Dr Phil: Playing The Victim

Althought Jinda thought she didn’t violate any boundaries, Dr. Phil brought a few to her attention. There were 50+ texts, but Jinda said they were back and forth texts. Dr. Phil read some of them to her and she realized how bad they sounded. She said that her relationship with Tracy was special, they had a bond and Tracy was there for her when she didn’t have anybody.


Jinda said she did drive by Tracy’s house without any reason. She said she was romantically attracted to Tracy but did not propose a three-way between Tracy, Jinda and Tracy’s husband. Jinda said she felt like a villain, but Dr. Phil said she’s just playing the victim.


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