Dr. Phil: Mother Murders Children & Long Lost Sisters Reunited


Dr. Phil: Mother Murders Children, Except For One

It’s always traumatizing when you see “MOTHER MURDERS CHILDREN” emblazoned in the headlines, and 50 years ago, Lori was almost one of those children. When Lori was two years old, her mother had an emotional breakdown, snapped, and killed her older brother and sister.

Dr. Phil: Mother Murders Children & Long Lost Sisters Reunited

A mother murders children, spares one, then has another! Now, these two lost sisters try to reunite.


When she came to kill Lori, however, the gun misfired. The heat of the gun barrel, when pressed behind Lori’s ear, burned her and she started screaming.The sound of Lori’s cries, coupled with the stark click of the gun misfiring, snapped Lori’s mother out of her trance. She called the police, told them she had murdered her children, and had soon been committed to a mental institution.

While Lori’s mother was in the institute, she became pregnant by an unknown father, and birthed a daughter called Marlinda. Since Lori discovered this a few years back, Lori has been searching for Marlinda ever since, hoping to find someone, anyone, that she can call a sibling.

Dr. Phil: Troy Dunn Finds Lori’s Long Lost Sister

The Locator’s Troy Dunn wanted to help Lori in her quest, and interviewed her to try and get some clues. Lori said that she was always worried that her mother could eventually come to kill her, too, and wondered what was so wrong with her children that she couldn’t love them enough to prevent herself from killing them.


Lori wants to find Marlinda because to find out that she had another sister was like a gift to her, and that she didn’t want to let it go to waste.

Troy Dunn found Marlinda, and planned to surprise her and Lori with a reunion. Neither of the sisters knew that the other was there.

Dr. Phil: Lori Didn’t Know Her Mother Was A Killer Until She Was 14

Before the reunion took place, Lori was brought out on stage to chat with her a little bit. Lori was raised by her biological father and her stepmother, whose whispered conversations led her to believe that she had a sister that someone wasn’t telling her about. Hearing also that her mother wasn’t really her mother, there were always questions.

When Lori was 14, toward the eighth-grade year of school, Lori was at a pool party with a friend that was adopted and asking a lot of questions. Eventually, one of the other kids at the party asked Lori why she was asking questions she should already know the answer to, given that she was adopted after her mother went crazy and killed her siblings. Reeling, Lori confronted her mother, who knew the jig was up and quickly gave up the information.

Dr. Phil: Lori Worried She Might Kill Her Own Children

She never told her father that she knew what was going on, and investigated the mystery further during her college years, throwing herself into faded newspaper clippings revealing the lurid details of the life-changing event that Lori was never fully aware of for over a decade.

The more Lori found out about her mother, the more worried she became about the prospect of having children of her own. Could she have inherited her mother’s insanity? Could she end up killing her children, just like her mother did? She had spent her entire adolescence dreaming of being a mother, and she was worried that the dream might be in jeopardy.

If Lori knew that Marlinda was alive, she would want to tell her how much she is treasured and loved by her, and hopes that Marlinda would feel the same. On the flipside, she would also want to be made aware if Marlinda was dead.

Dr. Phil: Lori’s Sister Marlinda Is Bipolar

Mid-way through Lori’s interview, Tory Dunn say down with Marlinda. Marlinda has inherited some of her mother’s mental problems, as she suffers from severe depression and bipolar disorder that come with violent outbursts.

One of these violent outbursts that occurred when she was a child saw Marlida throwing a desk at a teacher that upset her. Sometimes, Marlinda will feel a tinge of regret after an outburst, while other times, she will think “they deserved that.”

Marlinda said that she is concerned that, if she were to meet her biological sister, she worries that her and Lori wouldn’t get along because of the way she can be due to her mental disorders.


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