Dr Phil: Mother-in-Law Hires Private Investigator to Stalk Son’s Wife


Carol Hates Beth, Hires Private Investigator to Stalk Her

Dr Phil: Mother-in-Law Hires Private Investigator to Stalk Son's Wife

Beth’s soon to be mother-in-law, Carol, hates her. She has hired a private investigator to dig up her past and prove to her son that she’s bad news.

Beth believes that her fiance’s mother hates her. It’s really clear that she does. Christian said that his mom, Carol, has never liked her. Carol said that Beth is just completely wrong for her precious son. She’s called Beth ugly, uneducated and undermining. She’s left them alone, but Christian has almost called the police on her multiple times.


Beth has been married five times and that’s not acceptable for Carol. She has been stalking Beth in order to find out dirt to break them up. She dug up things that raised so many red flags, but it didn’t scare Beth. She even started pulling things up about Beth’s mother, that’s why the line was crossed.

Rap Sheet: Beth Charged With Driving While Suspended, Theft & Child Neglect

Carol had a rap sheet on Beth, which made Beth “laugh her butt off.” Dr Phil said there is no reason for Beth to be laughing about criminal charges and having a rap sheet. Carol found all of this out from a private investigator she paid to look up Beth.

  • 1993 – Bankrupt
  • 1998 – Paid $3,665 in Civil Judgement (money you owe for something)
  • 1999 – Criminal Conversion – Theft, Third Degree Felony for Child Neglect (Dropped) 
  • 2004 – Forcible Entry, Civil Judgement $511
  • 2005 – Forcible Entry
  • 2007 – Expired License Driving
  • 2008 – Driving While Suspended

“You have nothing on me, lady,” Beth said, pointing her finger. The charges were old news and all things that she had confided in her fiance during their relationship. She thought that Carol was a joke. Beth has never been convicted of the charges.


Mother-in-Law Concerned About Beth’s Past Marriages & Lies

Beth has been married five times, which concerns Carol more than anything else. She doesn’t think that the fifth marriage will stick. Christian is 35 and he lived with his mother until her was 30. He has never been married. Carol is an only child and her son is an only child. It makes sense that she is clinging and concerned.

Hiring a private investigator was a step too far for Beth. She’s very open and honest with everything in her life. The child neglect charge was dropped. She said that her daughter wandered off while under the care of a babysitter. In the state of Florida, the parent is responsible for that.

Dr Phil: Beth Lies About Being a Marine

No matter what Beth does, she will never be good enough in Carol’s eyes. Carol brought out more concerns. Beth has moved 30 times in 20 years, which says that she is indecisive and unreliable. Beth owns no property, but lied and said she did and her mother had an eight figure income.

Beth also said that she was a Marine, but she never finished boot camp. Whatever she says, Carol continues to blow out of proportion and this only makes Beth more hostile.


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