Dr Phil: Mother-In-Law Attacks Son On Facebook Thinks She’s the Victim


Dr Phil: Mother-In-Law Attacks Son On Facebook

While Donna admits that Jen is very beautiful, she also thinks she is high maintenance and constantly crying. Jen said that when she and Brad first got together, Donna loved Jen. But now, Donna can’t stand her and has started to take it out on her son. She’s gone so far as to make sabotaging posts on his company’s Facebook page.

Dr Phil: Donna vs. Jen

Dr Phil: Mother-In-Law Attacks Son On Facebook Thinks She's the Victim

A mother-in-law attacked her son on Facebook, but she thinks he’s the problem. (Tom Kaye / Shutterstock.com)


Donna said that Jen is beautiful, delicate, high maintenance and always crying over her feelings being hurt. Jen said that it wasn’t always like this between the two of them. In the beginning, Donna loved Jen. She even came to her defense when Jen and Brad had an argument. Jen said she doesn’t know if she could ever trust Donna again.

Dr Phil: Donna’s Facebook Attacks

Brad blocked his mother from his Facebook and his company’s Facebook page. Brad and Jen once posted how expensive having a baby is, to which Donna posted back a rude comment about kids always costing their parents money. Another time, Brad was having a Facebook thread with a client. Donna posted in the thread that her son does “shoddy work” and that the grout he did for her is coming up. Donna denies ever saying that, only saying that her grout is coming up. Brad said that it was his brother who left a faucet running all night that ruined the tile.

Dr Phil On Donna

At this point, Dr. Phil had had just about enough of Donna. He told Donna that she has made herself too prickly and isn’t sure what she thinks she’s doing to solve the issues with her family. He stood up for Jen, saying that she isn’t perfect and she’s going to do things wrong, but that’s okay. Donna laughed and threw in that Jen doesn’t do anything thats the problem.


Dr. Phil said he liked Donna, but he thinks she really is obnoxious.


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