Dr. Phil: Mom Scared of Violent Son & Is She Making Money Off Videos?


Dr. Phil: Mom Scared of Violent Son

Dr. Phil sat down with Amie, who says she’s terrified of her 7-year-old son Jayden, because his tantrums get so violent, she has to call the police on him. She’s already called at least 15 times this year.

Amie’s tried taking her son to doctors over the years and he’s received multiple diagnoses, including ADHD and Asperger’s. She now fears for not only her safety, but her life. She’s also begun posting her son’s fits online. One of the videos has nearly 2.5 million views.


Jayden has threatened her, pulled her hair until she’s on the ground, and spit on her. He’s given her a black eye and cut her forehead open. Jayden’s school suspended him five times in three weeks. One of the times, it was because he punched the lunch lady in the nose. His classroom has had to be evacuated several times.

Amie is worried about restraining her son, because he’s 110 pounds now and he weighs more than her.

Dr. Phil: Psychriatric Mental Hospital For Children

Dr. Phil: Mom Scared of Violent Son & Is She Making Money Off Videos?

Dr. Phil sat down with Amie, who says she began filming videos of her violent son for help, but her husband says she’s doing it for attention and money. (Amir Ridhwan / Shutterstock.com)


Last week, Jayden was admitted to the hospital after Amie took his Xbox away and his behavior escalated to the point where he attacked the behavioral therapist, his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, Amie, and an uncle.

So he was admitted to a psychiatric mental hospital for children, where he was admitted for eight days. The first day at the hospital, Jayden attacked the staff and he had to get three different shots and be in a seclusion room for two hours. The next morning, he punched the nurse in the face.

Dr. Phil: Why Is She Filming Her Son?

Amie said she’s filming videos of her son’s tantrums because she wants to speak out. With the videos, she’s connected to a lot of people. She didn’t think it would get a lot of views, she just wanted help.

The videos have over 100,000 views and one has 2.4 million. Now, Amie has put ads on her videos so she gets some income from them. Dr. Phil read some of the comments and none of them were favorable to Amie. One called her a “crappy parent” and another said “that child is going to murder someone eventually”. Amie said she knew she was a good mother, although she knew he shouldn’t be acting the way he is.

She’s filming the videos, hoping that someone will help out.

Dr. Phil: Where Is His Father?

Amie said that Jayden has hardly seen his father Chad in the last two years and that it’s a good thing that Chad isn’t in Jayden’s life.

Chad was on the show, too. He thinks Amie is exploiting their son for attention and that Jarden behaves fine with him and his wife Brenda. Chad thinks Amie sets Jayden off with her own behavior.

Dr. Phil: Why Does He Have Supervised Visitations?

Amie claims that Chad is an absent father, a claim he denies. But if that’s true, why does he have supervised visitations with his child? Because when Amie and Chad got divorced, Chad missed his divorce hearing. He thought he and Amie had come to an agreement. He didn’t even know about the supervised visitations until he got court papers in the mail.

“But why didn’t you go to your divorce hearing?” Dr. Phil asked.

“Just irresponsibility,” he said.

Chad said he didn’t know the divorce hearing was going to adjudicate access to his child. He said he wanted to be in his son’s life.

Dr. Phil: Is She Making Money Off The Videos?

Chad said he had no idea Amie was making money off the videos of their child. Amie said that he never said anything about the videos to her in the past. Was it just the money that upset him? Chad said he didn’t say anything about them because she makes things difficult for him whenever they try to talk. He said that she doesn’t want him in their son’s lives, but she has no problem taking his child support.

Dr. Phil told Chad that he wasn’t doing what he should be doing as a father and if Amie is blocking him from doing that, then she’s not doing what she should be doing as a mother.

Amie said she used to try, but she hasn’t the last two years because she’s done with Chad.

“You may be done with him, but your son doesn’t need to be done with him,” Dr. Phil said. “It’s not about you.”


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