Dr Phil: Mike’s List Of Lies, Kim Says “We’ll Never Be Together Again”


Dr Phil: Mike’s List of Lies

These are the lies that Mike told Kim over the last five years.

Dr Phil: Mike's List Of Lies, Kim Says "We'll Never Be Together Again"

Mike’s lies for the past five years have put his family in financial ruin.

  • March 2009: Got a job with global engineering/contracting firm in Germany
  • June 2009: Supposed to move to Germany, breaks contract/not getting job
  • February 2010: Got job with Chicago Cubs
  • March 2010: No paycheck from Cubs because of a mix-up at work
  • May 2010: Got two promotions with the Cubs
  • July 2010: Fired from the Cubs
  • November 2010: Got job with Major League Baseball in New York
  • December 2010: Fired from MLB
  • February 2011: Got job with Texas Rangers
  • August 2011 Got fired from Texas Rangers
  • October 2011: Hired again by Texas Rangers
  • December 2011: Kim prepares the family to move to Texas for a job Mike had with the Texas Rangers. Mike said he was fired right before the move
  • February 2012: Got job with Chicago White Sox

He had Kim quit the only job the family had, a job she had been at for 18 years. Mike also told Kim and his family that he got a six-figure settlement from a lawsuit against the Cubs, but there was no lawsuit. He never received a VA grant that he claimed he got. He lost a deal on a million dollar house years ago, but said that it happened recently. His bank account that the IRS supposedly froze never existed. He never told Kim that their home has been in foreclosure for the last year and a half. He also never received a college degree according to the National Student Clearinghouse.

Dr Phil: Kim’s Response

Seeing how far the lies go was disturbing. For 17 years, Kim thought her husband was the greatest man in the world. She now knows that her life was a lie and the person she married doesn’t exist. She said she doesn’t know how she didn’t see it. They renewed their vows every year, and now Kim said they will never be together again.


Their son told Kim that he doesn’t think of Mike as his dad anymore. He only sees an empty shell of a guy.

Mike said he knew it would end badly. He didn’t know how or when but he kept piling on and adding stories. He changed numbers so Kim didn’t get notices, but their life together is now over.


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