Dr Phil: Men Need To Take the Lead & Woman Hoards Tissues From Titanic


Dr Phil: Mother-Son Fight

Gabriel and his mother are in a pretty nasty feud. They’ve been on Dr Phil before for their boundary issues and things never got better. It’s not clear who was the problem or why it happened, but Dr Phil is going to give this case another shot.

Dr Phil: Signs Of Hoarding

Dr Phil: Men Need To Take the Lead & Woman Hoards Tissues From Titanic

Dr Phil told Gabriel that he needs to take his lead as the man. His mother and his wife don’t realize it, but they need a man to take the lead in this situation.


When they were moving Linda out of her home, her sons began to clean and throw things out. She said her youngest son was throwing out important papers and stuffed animals that were dear to her. She said her son didn’t care what he was throwing out and threatened to burn it all.

Her son played in several Rose Bowls and all of his sports memorabilia was in Linda’s  garage. He gave it all to his brother after seeing it stuffed in his mother’s garage. This upset Linda because she feared that Suzanne would keep the stuff for herself or sell it.

Linda said it was embarrassing but she had to call the police. She said they were throwing out important family photos, hospital papers and a ziplock baggie full of tissues. She watched the movie Titanic and cried a lot of tears. Those tissues were very important to her.


Dr Phil: Moving Linda Out

Linda thinks that her sons are horrible to her. She worries that her younger son will throw her precious belongings out. She then hired friends to help her, but said they were late. That was a lie and Gabriel said they left without taking any money because of Linda’s drama. The friends didn’t want to hear about her family problems. Sounds like some really great friends.

The landlord had complained about his mother’s apartment and said she wanted it back for her own family to rent. The landlord was tired of hearing the problems from Linda. It seems to me that Linda may have issues, but no one wants to take the time to help her.

Dr Phil: Man’s Role In the Family

Gabriel said that Suzanne has cut Linda out of her life completely. She didn’t come to the show because she is that angry with Linda.

Dr Phil made arrangements for the mother and son to have separate treatment last time they were there. Linda has been going to hers, but Gabriel made excuses for why he and his wife haven’t gone to their treatment. Gabriel said he wants love, respect and peace from his mother. He wants Linda to understand that everyone has their own lives and they can’t focus on her 24/7.

Dr Phil told Gabriel that his role as a man is to lead his family. He doesn’t think that Gabriel is doing those things with his family, and Gabriel said that his mother doesn’t allow him to help. Dr Phil came back and said that it shouldn’t matter what his mother allows him to do, a man takes the lead.

Gabriel and Dr Phil made a deal to give counseling 90 days. Dr Phil wants Gabriel to take the lead and help his family.


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