Dr Phil: Melissa’s Relationship With a Minor, Will She Go To Prison?


Dr Phil: Melissa & T.J.

Melissa and T.J. have been together for two years, are engaged and have a four-month-old baby. This all may sound normal, but T.J. is only 17 and Melissa is 30-years-old. The truth came out about their love affair and now Melissa is facing up to 15 years in prison and is being labelled as a predator.

Dr Phil: Emotional Relationship With a Minor

Melissa came to Dr. Phil to clear the tabloid rumors about her and T.J. She said she wants people to know there was no premeditation in her relationship with T.J., and she never set out to be with a 16-year-old boy. T.J. told her when they met that he was 18 and it later came out that he was 16. By that point, she said they were in a deep, emotional relationship.


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