Dr Phil Melissa Is Not Victim & Will T.J. Wait For Melissa After Jail?


Dr Phil: T.J.’s Relationship With an Older Woman

Dr Phil Melissa Is Not Victim & Will T.J. Wait For Melissa After Jail?

T.J. said he would wait a few years for Melissa, but if she were in prison for 15 years he would have to move on.

Melissa and T.J. have been in an inappropriate relationship for two years. It started when T.J. was 16 and Melissa was 28. They’ve had a rocky relationship and now have a four-month-old daughter. Melissa has been trying to set things straight by coming to Dr. Phil, but the truth is that she is not a victim. She’s the perpetrator.


Dr Phil: Melissa In Trouble

Dr Phil put it plainly. Melissa is in a lot of trouble.

T.J. has run away from home 40 times, dropped out of school and has no steady job. Melissa is not only in trouble with the law, but she has a minor with no plan for the future as her boyfriend.

Dr Phil explained that under the law T.J. does not have the mental capacity to give consent. It’s a fact that his brain has not finished developing and that’s why children cannot make decisions or give consent. T.J. had no ability to consent to Melissa or make the decision to have a child with her.


Dr Phil: Will T.J. Wait For Melissa?

Melissa has been charged by the police with having intimate relations with a minor. She faces 15 years in jail, but will T.J. wait for her? He told her earlier that he would. A video shot before the episode showed T.J. saying that he was too young to wait that long for Melissa.

Dr Phil: Melissa Is Not the Victim

Melissa was still upset that T.J.’s parents weren’t supportive. She doesn’t accept that she is a perpetrator. Dr Phil told her that he has been trying to help her and so has T.J’s dad, Ed. He told Dr Phil before the show that he supported the situation after they had a baby, but he does not and never has supported Melissa and T.J.

“I feel like I have been set up,” Melissa said.

“No, I’m trying to get you help,” Ed told her.

Dr. Phil argued with Melissa the entire episode. He said that he was going to tell her how to avoid jail, but she’s not receptive and he never told her how to avoid prison. He said she needs to change her attitude and stop thinking she is the victim. She is the one at fault here.


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