Dr. Phil: Does He Mean It When He Apologizes? Man Beats His Kids


Dr. Phil: Man Beats Wife With Wooden Spoon

Dr. Phil has been talking to Kirby, a husband who beat his wife with a wooden spoon and was videotaped doing it. Kirby spent some time in jail and his wife even has a protection order against him. Now, he’s talking to Dr. Phil about his issues.

Dr. Phil: Man Beats His Kids

Dr. Phil: Does He Mean It When He Apologizes? Man Beats His Kids

Dr. Phil talked to Kirby about his abuse of his children and showed a shocking video of him holding his son down and hitting him. (Meganeura / Shutterstock.com)


In addition to his wife, it seems Kirby also beats his kids. Dr. Phil showed a video that Kirby’s wife Renee took of him beating his son. In the shocking video, Kirby held his son down while his son cried and beat his stomach red, saying, “That’s called a red belly” and taunting him to be quiet.

“I did that one time. It was not a smart move. It’s not what I wanted. I’ve apologized to him and he’s accepted my apology. And if you noticed, Renee was videoing there and did not ask me to stop. What I did, I will stand for. That’s all I’m asking from her. What she did, I want her to stand for. I want her to get help. And if I need help, give it to me,” he said.

“You need help,” Dr. Phil said.


Dr. Phil pointed out that when he saw that videotape he saw a cowardly bully. He said he imposed his physical will on a child who trusted him and looked to him for nurturing and care.

Dr. Phil: What Do His Kids Think of Him?

Dr. Phil read a section from a letter from Kirby’s now-15-year-old son, the one in the video:

  • “When my dad hit me, I felt like I was bullied. I was criticized for everything & lied to. He would completely manipulate mom for his own gain. I want my dad to fix his narcissism. If my dad doesn’t change soon, then I don’t want to see him until he does. P.S. I didn’t say anything about the president.”

The last comment was because Kirby claimed his son disrespected the president and that’s why he beat him.

“Now, Kirby, I’ve raised two boys. And I am certainly not a perfect father and I certainly don’t have perfect sons, but I can tell you if I ever did that to either one of my boys, I don’t believe I could ever look them in the eye again. I would spend the rest of my life asking for their forgiveness for my loss of control. But yet your comments are about the fact that she videotaped you and you let her. I didn’t think you would be able to spin that in a self-righteous way, but you got it done,” Dr. Phil said.

Dr. Phil: Does He Mean It When He Says He’s Sorry?

Kirby said he already repented to Dr. Phil and to his son and that he didn’t deserve to “get thrown under the bus over this”. He claimed it wasn’t a “practice” that he does.

Dr. Phil said that Kirby admits he’s wrong, then he immediately spins it around and justifies it somehow. Dr. Phil said his admissions of guilt weren’t real, because he was calculating and tried to turn everything around when he talks.


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