Dr Phil: Marriage Affected by Daughter’s Death & Grieving As a Couple


Dr Phil: Teen Killed In Car Crash

It’s been a little over 10 years since 15-year-old Jessica passed away in a devastating car accident. Since then, her mother has not forgiven her husband, Curtis, for the crash and wishes he were dead instead. Leah has preserved the room and can’t bear to part with it.

Dr Phil: Marriage Affected by Daughter's Death & Grieving As a Couple

Dr Phil told Leah that she is wrong to blame Curtis for her daughter’s death. Curtis wanted a say in his step-daughter’s funeral.


Dr Phil: Marriage Affected By Daughter’s Death

“Before the accident, we definitely had marital problems,” Leah said. After the accident, she felt Curtis was disconnected and insensitive. “There’s a part of me that hold some resentment that he didn’t realize how big this was for me.

Leah has told Curtis several times that she wishes he were dead instead of Jessica. Three years ago, she filed for divorce and Curtis moved out. He came back and promised to change and Leah let him move back in, on the condition that they didn’t share a bedroom.

“Every night, I get the mattress and set it up in the living room,” Curtis explained. “I know there are struggles in my personality and maybe even my focus, but Leah has always been someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


Despite Curtis’ feelings, Leah is done. “I am at a place of put up or shut up,” she said.

Dr Phil: Curtis Is Not Jessica’s Biological Dad

Jessica is not Curtis’ biological daughter and he’s felt disconnected in this process. Leah has told him that he has no right to grieve her daughter or to say Jessica’s name. He had nothing to say in the process of Jessica’s funeral.

Leah said that this is all news to her. She was injured, focusing on her son’s medical issues, and planning Jessica’s funeral. Jessica’s biological father swooped in and pushed Curtis out. Leah said that if she had known this 10 years ago, their marriage might have been different. She does want to fix things.

Curtis wanted to protect his family, but the driver that hit them head on fell asleep at the wheel. He said he’s felt helpless. When Leah says angry things, like wishing Curtis were dead, she wants to hurt Curtis. She’s felt bad for inflicting that pain, but she would divorce Curtis if she could.

Dr Phil: Jessica’s Journal & God’s Most Wanted List

Jessica kept a journal and her mother desperately wants to find it. She believes that Curtis may have taken the journal because of an entry that was near the time of their accident. It read “God’s Most Wanted List” and it was a page of people that Jessica was praying for.

The third item on the list was wanting Curtis to stop looking at their family with disgust.



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