Dr Phil: Mark’s Emotional Affairs & Taking Advantage Of His Wife Nikol


Dr Phil: “Good Luck Trying To Fix Me”

Mark and Nikol have come to Dr. Phil today to understand each other a little bit better. Mark is arrogant, racist, homophobic and an all-around expletive. He completely accepts descriptions like this because he really believes he is a horrible person. Nikol has been with Mark for nine years and she hates the person that he is, but she doesn’t want to leave him.

Dr Phil: Mark's Emotional Affairs & Taking Advantage Of His Wife Nikol

Nikol’s husband Mark is a jerk, but she fears leaving him. Mark is fine with his bad behavior.


Mark doesn’t think that anyone can fix him and he’s wished Dr. Phil good luck.

Dr Phil: Drunk Mark Pees On People

This situation is ridiculous. How anyone could act like this for their whole life and like the person that they are is beyond me.

Nikol said that her friends hate Mark and equate him to the Devil. She didn’t like him either, but his bad boy persona became attractive and she thought he would change once they were married. That dream died really fast, she said. Nikol doesn’t want to leave Mark because she has a fear of being alone for the rest of her life.


Mark drinks heavily and has driven them home drunk. Nikol tried to argue with him, but he threatened to kill them both. Mark said he can drive perfectly when he is drunk. He often pulls out his male parts at bars and pees on people when they tick him off. Dr Phil believes that Mark’s behavior while drunk could mean that he is secretly gay. Mark said he is not homophobic, he just doesn’t like when he gets hit on by men.

Dr Phil: Mark’s “Emotional Affairs” Produced Children

Nikol said her life is hard to watch. Mark wasn’t there for her when she had thyroid cancer. She no longer has a desire to sleep with Mark because they removed her thyroid. She will often get drunk and then seduce Mark. Mark takes the signals and fulfills his desires. Nikol will come to him after and accuse him of taking advantage of her.

When Nikol told Mark she didn’t have those desires anymore he turned to other women. Nikol believes that he has been sleeping with other women, but Mark said they are only emotional affairs. Several women have come forward and told Nikol that he is the father of their children.

Mark said the affairs were only emotional and about having a good time. He got tired of being around Nikol when she would get angry with him and complain. He refuses to get paternity tests done because he doesn’t want to spend the money. Dr. Phil offered to pay for them.


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