Dr Phil Man Says Part Of Him Wants To Reconcile With Wife Who Shot Him


Dr Phil: Leah Explains Origins Of Mark and Ed’s Hate For Each Other

Dr Phil Man Says Part Of Him Wants To Reconcile With Wife Who Shot Him

Despite the shooting, there is still part of Ed that wants to reconcile with Leah.

Leah started dating Mark in March of 2010, and Ed and Mark hated each other from the get go. Ed started meddling in the relationship, threatening to destroy Mark’s life, and soon the two were at each other’s throats. Leah thinks these disputes made Mark want her to shoot Ed. Leah thought Mark was going to be her hero.


Ed Explains Texts He Sent Before Leah Shot Him

Leah said that two text messages Ed sent made her think Ed was being dishonest when he said he would leave her alone, but never went into detail as to what was in those texts. Ed told Dr. Phil more about the texts.

Ed wrote “I love you” to the “female friend” – who was in no way, shape or form a girlfriend – he had ready to call the police if he didn’t get back to her by 11 a.m., but Ed said it had nothing to do with love. According to him, he didn’t want Leah to know that he was onto her devious plan and sent that text as a way to ask for help because it would seem odd to her.

Sure, you might wonder why he didn’t type out the equally short message “send help,” but Ed put those totally legitimate suspicions to rest by saying that he wasn’t sure when she’d come back and didn’t want to be scrambling to erase an incriminating message.


Ed Might Want To Reconcile With Leah?

So, after all of this, how does Ed feel about Leah? Is he willing to reconcile with her? Well, when it comes down to it, she is the mother of his three kids, and he can’t not love the mother of his three kids. He has been asked numerous times if he wants to reconcile with Leah, and this is a mixed bag.

There are always feelings that linger in the settling dust of a crumbled relationship, and those make him wish it could still work out. On the other side of the coin, though, she did try to kill him. It’s gotta be hard to trust someone that’s tried to kill you. The fantasy of a perfect marriage is always there for Ed, but that’s about it.

Dr. Phil, of course, thought even Ed’s slight feeling of longing for Leah was strange, saying that if someone he loved shot him, “the conversation kind of dries up from there.” The fact that knowledge of a premeditated murder plot is not discontinuation criteria for Ed baffles him.


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