Dr. Phil: Man Believed Scripture Said To Beat The “Demons” Out Of Wife


Dr. Phil: Man Beats Wife With Wooden Spoon

Dr. Phil has been sitting down with Kirby, the man who was caught on camera beating his wife with a wooden spoon and spent time in jail because of it. Now the man says he wants to be back with his wife, but he wants her to repent. The other side of it is that his wife has a protection order against him so he’s not legally allowed around his wife, which is why Dr. Phil talked to him over satellite. And Kirby has a lot of issues. I mean, a lot. 

Dr. Phil: He Believed The Scripture Said To Beat Her

Dr. Phil: Man Believed Scripture Said To Beat The "Demons" Out Of Wife

Dr. Phil talked to Kirby about his belief that scripture said to beat the demons out of his wife. (Kletr / Shutterstock.com)


Kirby said earlier that he beat his wife to get the demons out of her, which he claimed was something written in the Bible. But Dr. Phil said there wasn’t anything in the bible about that. Kirby acknowledged he failed as a Christian when he spanked Renee, but that he did it because she hit him and spit on him. Then he wondered if it was good for the children for her to yell at him in front of them.

The first time Kirby spanked his wife, she was teasing him about taking a wrong turn in the car so he pulled over, put her in the backseat and spanked her. “I missed that scripture, where it says if they tease you, or are sarcastic with you, then you spank them. Come on, Kirby. Get real,” Dr. Phil said.

Kirby wondered if she wouldn’t have gotten spanked in a normal relationship. Dr. Phil said she absolutely wouldn’t.


Dr. Phil: Is His Wife Narcissistic?

Kirby said he believed his wife was narcissistic and that spanking her would stop her narcissistic behavior. Kirby believed this because he read about the symptoms on the internet. Dr. Phil told him that those sort of diagnoses are made by objective professionals, not by husbands.

Dr. Phil asked Kirby if he heard his children crying in the background of the spanking video. Kirby said yes and that he’s really sorry about that. Dr. Phil said he a man should be a provider, a protector, a leader, and a teacher. He said Kirby didn’t score well on that test.



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