Dr Phil Lying Spouses: Mike’s Five Years Of Lies & Why He Lied To Kim


Dr Phil: Lying Spouses

For the last five years, Mike has been lying to his wife Kim about everything. He came home from serving in the military and was unable to find a steady job. He got her to quit her job of 18 years in order to move to Germany, but he lied about securing a job there. He then got a job working for the Chicago Cubs, but he padded his resumé with so many lies that he couldn’t do the job they hired him for.

Dr Phil Lying Spouses: Mike's Five Years Of Lies & Why He Lied To Kim

Mike has been lying to Kim for five years about having multiple jobs.


From there, Mike said he got jobs with the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox. In reality, Mike was playing solitaire on his basement computer and sleeping in his car. When he said he had to go on business trips, Mike would roll out a sleeping bag and pack a cooler for the weekend.

Dr Phil: Kim’s Tragedy

Mike’s lies and lack of support came to a head when Kim had a miscarriage. She said she needed him in that time, but he was just lying to her. They then had two house fires in the year after Kim’s tragedy, leaving her to sort through the mess while Mike lied.

Mike said he lied so much in the last five years that he doesn’t know what was true. He said lying became natural to him, but Dr. Phil found that a huge lie too. Kim doesn’t believe that Mike could just start lying like that in the last five years. She thinks the problem goes much deeper.


Dr Phil: Mike’s Lies

Dr. Phil doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Mike’s mouth.

“Either tell me the truth or shut up,” he advised Mike.

Kim had been Mike’s cheerleader, and he said he wanted to be her ideal of him. He wanted to look better, but Kim still thinks that he is a liar. He said he doesn’t remember anything else big that he lied about.


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