Dr Phil: Linda Struggles With Mother-Son Boundaries, Becomes Depressed


Dr Phil: In-Laws

In-laws have a pretty bad reputation. You see them on wedding shows or on Dr Phil and think “I’m so glad that’s not me.” Gabriel is at his final straw with his mom Linda. He’s been on Dr Phil before, and it wasn’t pretty.

Dr Phil: Mother-Son Boundaries

Dr Phil: Linda Struggles With Mother-Son Boundaries, Becomes Depressed

Gabriel is having serious issues with his mother Linda. Her erratic behavior is making it hard to establish mother-son boundaries.


Gabriel said his mom has a horrible drama queen problem. She has often snuck into his home or come to his door at all hours with weird requests. She once drove by at midnight with a giant rocking chair to leave at his home. She saw nothing wrong with this, but Gabriel and his wife were not pleased.

Gabriel isn’t the only one having problems with Linda. She has been kicked out of churches for her behavior. She’s covered herself in shoe polish to look black to get into a certain church. Talk about offensive.

Dr Phil: Linda’s Depression

After the show, Gabriel and his mother have not fixed their relationship. Linda said she spent days in bed because she was in a deep depression from her son’s perception of her.


Linda also wants her daughter-in-law Suzanne to accept her. She feels like Suzanne is alienating her from her son and her grandkids. Suzanne doesn’t like Linda, but it’s because of her intrusive behaviors.

Gabriel told Dr Phil that his mother is worse now than ever. She tries to keep herself away, but she holds grudges and holds on tighter to him and his family.

Dr Phil: Restrictive Boundaries

Dr Phil was happy to see these two back, but is concerned about the boundary issues. Linda said she has been very lonely and was shut out of Christmas day with her family. Gabriel said he wanted to spend the day with his mom, but not the whole day. His family had plans and they could only spend two hours with Linda. Linda wanted to have a huge family meal and eight hour party. When she couldn’t get her way, Linda respectfully declined the invitation.

Gabriel and his mother went to the movies recently and it wasn’t like she wanted it to be. Gabriel was obsessed about the price of gas, food and movie tickets. Linda wanted to take in tons of food and stay for several movies. Gabriel was upset and wanted to compromise, but his mom didn’t want to compromise.

Dr Phil said he would have a successful sitcom with these people.


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