Dr. Phil: Leaving An Abusive Marriage & Losing 90 Pounds Post-Divorce


Dr. Phil: Update On Couple

Dr. Phil had an update for us on Marie, the woman who was terrified of her husband, who she said was an abuser. She said he even wrote the world “kill” on their bathroom mirror. Ron denied these allegations and claimed she was the abusive one. You might remember Ron. He’s the one who called Dr. Phil a farce in his studio and said a lot of incoherent things.

Marie said on the show she was worried she would go missing one day because of her husband. But Ron said everything his wife said was a lie. Marie and Ron started to record all of their interactions because things had escalated to a point behind either of their control. They called the police a number of times and tensions were high.


Dr. Phil: Leaving An Abusive Marriage & Losing 90 Pounds Post-Divorce

Dr. Phil gave an update on Marie, who left her abusive husband for a better life, and Jessica, who lost 90 pounds after leaving her verbally abusive husband. (Junial Enterprises / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Phil told them they had the worst communication skills of anyone he’d ever met.

Dr. Phil: Leaving An Abusive Situation

Marie was on Dr. Phil, but Ron wasn’t. Marie said she and Ron aren’t together anymore. She left him and took her daughter with her to a shelter. She said she knew she worth more than the way Ron treated her.


Ron and Marie went to the counseling that Dr. Phil gave them. Ron only went a few times and decided he didn’t really like the therapist. Marie kept seeing the therapist, though.

She wasn’t wearing her wedding ring on Dr. Phil’s stage and she said she was completely finished with Ron.

Dr. Phil: Is She Still Drinking?

At the time, Dr. Phil thought Marie was self-medicating with alcohol. Marie said she’s not drinking anymore at all. At the time, there was footage of Ron wondering where all the alcohol was going. It was because Marie was drinking all of it.

She was also taking the alcohol with a mix of medication. Dr. Phil used Doctor On Demand to talk to a doctor to tell her the dangers she was taking on her health. Marie said that had a huge impact on her and so she decided she wanted to live for her daughter.

Marie had also lost about 20 pounds. Marie said it was because of stress.

Dr. Phil: Total Transformation

Since leaving Ron and living in a shelter, she was able to transition into an apartment for her and her daughter. Marie said there’s even someone she has feelings for. Dr. Phil said he might have to meet this person to make sure he’s okay.

Marie told Dr. Phil she was very glad for everything that he’s done for her. And he really did help her. This is a whole different person than the one we saw on the show last time around.

Marie’s therapist was a man named Dr. Mark Hillman, the author of My Therapist Is Making Me NutsDr. Hillman joined them over satellite. Dr. Hillman said that Marie met some hard and responsible decisions. He said she really worked on getting rid of her addiction to drama and he said she really did a lot to make a better life for herself and her daughter.

Woman Makes Huge Strides After Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil had another special video message from Jessica, a woman who was on Dr. Phil because she was 60 pounds overweight and she was married to a man who wouldn’t stop bullying her about her weight. Jessica didn’t know how to do anything because she just felt fat. She felt extremely frustrated in her marriage and in her life. Her husband just didn’t get it though, even after Dr. Phil had them both write statements to each other and read them. He also made her husband put on a weight pack with 60 percent of his body weight on it.

Since the show, Jessica got divorced and lost a total of 90 pounds. She’s gone from a size 14 down to a size 0. She also got divorced. Jessica said she felt totally empowered with self-confidence and self-esteem and even found a great guy.


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