Dr Phil: Kids Caught In Divorce & Emotionally Abusive Email To Ex-Wife


Dr Phil: Deadbeat Mom & Emotionally Abusive Dad

Chandra and Jared have been divorced for five years. In that time, Jared has sent a thick stack of vicious emails to his ex-wife and emotionally abused her. She called him “Devil” and thinks she is in a spiritual warfare with Jared. Jared said that Chandra hasn’t paid any child support and her new husband abuses their children.

Dr Phil: Kids Caught In Divorce & Emotionally Abusive Email To Ex-Wife

Dr Phil is trying to help these parents see that sending emotionally abusive emails and texts is not helping their kids.


Dr. Phil said he didn’t want to take this case, but because there are young children caught in the middle he wants to settle the disputes. Jared said he wants the kids to feel supported and loved by Chandra. Chandra wants to live in peace without Jared’s attacks.

Dr Phil: Emotionally Abusive Emails

Jared sent Chandra many emails calling her everything from idiot to home wrecker to Casey Anthony. Those were just the PG terms. He called her out for not paying child support and for being with a horrible new man. Jared said he doesn’t wish her dead and wants the kids to be a part of her life, but he’s called the mother of his children some pretty nasty things.


Dr Phil: Jared’s Side

Jared said he has gotten to the point where he is so frustrated his common sense is gone. He has no defense for what he’s doing but it’s not safe for his kids.

He has filed formal complaints with the police about Chandra. It’s gotten to the point where they exchange kids at the police station. Jared claims that Chandra’s new husband attacked him and yelled at the kids. Dr. Phil believes Jared is a little too smug.

Dr Phil: Chandra’s Side

Chandra is obviously a mess. She’s got two young kids at home and she’s dealing with Jared’s drama. She is a stay-at-home mom because the child care would be too expensive. She had to go back to the court to get her child support payments reduced. Jared lied to the court about his income and paying for child care to get Chandra to pay more. Her payments are now $150.

Chandra is way behind on her payments. She hasn’t paid them for six months and made small payments when she feels like it.

Jared filed for divorce when he thought Chandra was having an affair at work. She said she had feelings for a co-worker and kissed him. Jared believed she was sleeping with him, packed up the kids and changed the locks. Chandra said she never slept with anyone during that time and told Jared about her feelings.

Dr Phil: The Real Goal

Dr. Phil is sick and tired of the drama between these two. The most important thing is to help the children and put their drama aside. He’s even threatened to end the show and send them home if they can’t see the real goal here.


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