Dr Phil: Julie Believes Abuse & Lies & Danny Smashes Water Bottles


Dr Phil: Julie Abused By Boyfriend Danny

Danny has a history of being violent. Julie is terrfied of her boyfriend and it’s clear that he has been abusive. He blames Julie for his abuse. Danny said that Julie screams to let other people know that he is a bad person.

Danny said that he gets very intense. He told Dr Phil yesterday that he will smash water bottles to prevent himself from hitting Julie.


“I don’t even know how I have front teeth anymore. I grind them,” Danny said.

Danny Rubs Off Julie’s Makeup

He said that the Dr Phil staff has treated him wonderfully. The people put makeup on everyone on the show to prevent a glare on the camera. He came in and rubbed off Julie’s makeup because he doesn’t like to see her painted up.

Dr Phil told Danny over and over that he has no right to control Julie. Julie is a grown woman and can make her own decisions. Danny said that he does this stuff because he loves Julie.


Julie Believes the Lies & Abuse Danny Tells Her

Julie said that Danny has brainwashed her. She believes him when he says that she is worthless and a horrible person. He has completely changed who she is. Julie said she wants to be herself again.

Life is not always about you, Dr Phil told Danny. He called her names and said that she never presents herself as a lady. Danny attacked Julie on stage and said that Julie is not a woman. She doesn’t dress herself up and dresses the way that pleases Danny.

Dr Phil: Julie Believes Abuse & Lies & Danny Smashes Water Bottles

Julie told Dr Phil that she believes all of the abuse and lies that Danny tells her about herself. Danny watched footage of his crazy behavior.

“She was never a woman in the first place that I met her,” Danny spat. He accused Julie of being in a mental rehab and wearing manly clothing.

“Oh my God,” Dr Phil exclaimed. He told Danny that he should stop digging himself a hole.

Dr Phil made Danny watch the last 10 minutes of his conversation to see how he looks. Danny said that he needs help. He said that no one loves someone that acts like that.

Julie’s Life Is Controlled By Danny

Julie told Dr Phil that Danny has stalked her throughout their relationship. He admits to being a jealous man and watching her phone calls. He gets crazy watching Julie talk to other men. She said she doesn’t have friends and her world revolves around him.

Julie’s calls to her family are monitored. If she says something he doesn’t like she has to hang up. He tells her that she was a mistake and that he is the only person that will ever love her.

If Julie were with someone that let her be herself and loved her right, Julie said she would be a happy person. She blames herself for Danny’s outbursts. Danny said that Julie lies about the people that call and text her. She will say that her daughter contacted her, but it will really be a friend or another man.


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