Dr. Phil: Jesse And Mary’s Kids Are Witnessing Domestic Abuse


Dr. Phil: Domestic Abuse Victims

Jesse and Mary’s marriage is a mess, and the children are becoming victims of this couple’s behavior. The two got into a physical altercation at the dinner table where…somebody laid hands on somebody (neither can say who touched/hit/poked who). Of course, all of the children had front row seats to this wonderful display of domestic violence. Another time, Mary even threw a knife at Jesse, stabbing him.

Dr. Phil: Jesse And Mary's Kids Are Witnessing Domestic Violence

Jesse and Mary subjected each other to domestic violence.


With this behavior, the kids are going to grow up and marry into situations not so different than Mary and Jesse‘s. The girls will never respect men and the boys will never value women—it is a vicious cycle that is perpetrated and perpetuated by parents like these two.

Dr. Phil: Is Jesse The Father?

Jesse knows no details on Mary’s affair, and it is this lack of knowledge that has him questioning whether or not his children are actually his. Dr. Charles Sophy say down with Jesse in private to ask how he feels about his children.

Having not heard about the first child until five months into the pregnancy, he is no wondering whether or not the child is actually his, given the affair Mary had and is unwilling to open up to him about. Even if he found out that the children weren’t his, Jesse’s feelings for them would not change. “I’ve been there since day one,” he said.


Dr. Sophy got Jesse to open up a little about his childhood, and it seems like the origins of his outrageous behavior can be traced back there. Jesse’s mother was never there for him, and without that support system, Jesse never established any amount of self worth for himself. When you can’t value yourself, how are you supposed to value anyone else, especially the mother of your children?

Dr. Phil: What Jesse Needs To Change

What Dr. Phil advised Jesse to was start to dispose of his need to win. He needs to stop the name calling and perhaps step down from an agreement every now and again. Once Jesse grows up and disposes of the crudeness, things can only get better for his and Mary’s children.


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