Dr Phil: J-uan Unable To Tell Truth & Charnay Thought She Was the One


Dr Phil: Cheating With Ex & Should She Run?

J-uan has been lying to his new wife, Charnay. When they got married and she asked him if he had been cheating with his ex, he said no. She asked him again and he said yes. Charnay asked J-uan if he used protection and he said yes. She asked him again and he said no. See a pattern here?

Charnay asked J-uan if his ex-girlfriend could be pregnant and he said no. Charnay went to his phone and found conversations between J-uan and the ex. The ex said she wanted J-uan to leave Charnay because she didn’t want drama around the baby. Whoa, hold the phone. Three strikes you are outed J-uan.


Dr Phil: J-uan Unable To Tell Truth & Charnay Thought She Was the One

J-uan has been doing more than just texting his ex. Charnay found out that her husband has fathered a child with his ex.

Charnay is still with J-uan, but if Dr Phil were to tell her to run she said she would hightail it out of there.

Dr Phil: Lying Spouse

J-uan said he felt pressured into marriage by Charnay and her family. He is a huge liar. He needs pressure to tell the truth. He said that if they hadn’t been pressured he wouldn’t be married to her today.


Charnay said she can’t pressure J-uan into anything, but she has pressured him into the truth. When they first met J-uan was married and Charnay was engaged. They were cheating with each other after Charnay’s engagement ended.

Dr Phil asked Charnay why she would marry a person that had already cheated. She said she thought she was the one that could tame his wild ways. She thought she was the one. J-uan said she was the one, but Dr Phil corrected, “She’s one of the ones.” He told Charnay to open her eyes and not give J-uan the benefit of the doubt. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Dr Phil: J-uan’s Abuse

J-uan thinks that Charnay is disrespectful and their relationship is starting to get physically abusive. Charnay said she is terrified that J-uan might kill her.

For once J-uan admitted to hurting his wife. It’s probably the first truth he has said through this interview. Dr Phil said there is no reason for J-uan to lay hands on a woman with the intent to harm. He said that J-uan is a very high risk person and he has a lot of work to do to save any relationship.


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