Dr Phil: Is Mehdi An Abusive Boyfriend? Doctor Shopping & Alcoholism


Dr Phil: Nicole & Mehdi

According to Nicole, relations with her abusive boyfriend Mehdi have reached a breaking point. She recalled being abused and thrown to the grown by Mehdi, even being injured with grapefruit-sized bruises. But he said that she is out of control, with her addictions, alcoholism, and doctor shopping.

“She bruises very easily,” Mehdi said of his girlfriend and the mother of his child. Nicole said she loves him and would like to get married, but is afraid of being abused.


Dr Phil: Abusive Boyfriend?

Dr Phil: Is Mehdi An Abusive Boyfriend? Doctor Shopping & Alcoholism

Nicole said her boyfriend Mehdi has abused her, but he claimed that she is the one who gets violent when she drinks, and accused her of doctor shopping.

“This is a complete misrepresentation of who I am as a person,” Mehdi told Dr Phil, when asked why he seemed agitated. He was jittery and nervous during his interview, and he admitted that she pushed her on two occasions.


According to Mehdi’s side of the story, Nicole has been drunk on both occasions and she is the one who gets confrontational and angry, supposedly pulling a knife on him and attempting to hit her with a car.

Dr Phil: Four-Month Rehab

Nicole said that she has gone to rehab to deal with her actions, spending four months away. She feels that Mehdi will not own up to what she says he has done.

Dr Phil wondered why Mehdi was pretending not to know or understand what he was doing as a guest on the show. He admitted that he has gotten physically violent on two occasions.

But according to Nicole, he uses excuses that she is malnourished or has been drinking to explain the bruises she has gotten.

Dr Phil: Alcoholism & Relationship Violence

Mehdi confronted Nicole about her alcoholism and rejected the characterization that he is violent. He went after her addictive personality, saying that she moves from one problem to the next. He is not sure what can be done to help her.

He added that he is guilty of name-calling, and some of the names were inappropriate for TV. He admitted to calling her an irresponsible mom, explaining that she was supposedly driving with him and the baby while on drugs when he made that comment.

Mehdi also admitted that he asked her to consider getting an abortion, which Dr Phil claimed was abusive. Maybe these two people should not have a baby…that seems like a reasonable conclusion based on their dysfunctional interactions so far.

Dr Phil: Doctor Shopping?

Nicole and Mehdi once again got into a back-and-forth argument, and he accused her of “doctor shopping.” Dr Phil asked why these two are together, which was an excellent question.

The couple agreed that they like each other sometimes, and they have been to counseling in the past. Mehdi accused Nicole of putting on an act for Dr Phil.

Have you ever known a couple that you thought did not get along well together?


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