Dr Phil: Is George Gibson Innocent? Stepfather’s Relationship With Kid


Dr Phil: Is George Gibson Innocent?

Is George Gibson innocent? George Gibson‘s friend, Brian, though he didn’t agree with the age difference between George and Jennifer, believes that the motivation behind the accusations is money. She would have no income, were George to move out, but if she could get custody of her children, she would be in charge of a trust fund for the oldest daughter, Paige, worth around $1.8 million. The plot thickens. It is Brian’s feeling that, had Jennifer been put on the stand, she would have blown her cover and made a fool of herself.

Dr. Phil: Stepfather’s Relationship With Jennifer

Dr Phil: Is George Gibson Innocent? Stepfather's Relationship With Kid

Are friends of George Gibson in denial? Is George Gibson innocent?


Contrary to what Dr. Phil implied, Brian does not think that George Gibson is entirely innocent. He took issue with the fact that George and Jennifer ever hooked up. “This whole thing – it never of happened,” said Brian. At the end of the day, he thought that George should be in prison.

Dr. Phil: Age Difference In Relationships

Dr. Phil soon revealed a layer of irrationality in the friends of George Gibson who said he was innocent. “There’s a lot of 16-year-old/20-something-year-old relationships,” said Brian in a video clip. What Brian doesn’t realize, or chooses to ignore, is that George was 33 at the time the crime, far and away from “20-something.”

Brian soon floundered on stage when confronted with these facts. “There was an argument about how old she was exactly,” he said. Well, Brian, medical experts who worked backwards from the date of the child’s birth nine months found that Jennifer was, in fact, 15 at time of conception. The irony of it all is that Brian was stern in his conviction that he would not be okay with a 33-year-old man impregnating his 16-year-old daughter.


Dr. Phil: “He’s Not The Monster”

Left with little else to say, George Gibson’s friend, Brian, succinctly stated that George is not the monster that the media is painting him as. He acknowledges that George is guilty of all crimes committed when Jennifer was 16 and onward from there, but he still insists that she is lying about everything that came before.

After seeing a video of Jennifer going down the laundry list of abuse George subjected her to, Brian still insisted that he had never heard of it. So I guess those accusations that were plastered all over the news fell upon deaf ears? If George would touch her at age 15, why wouldn’t he touch her at 14?

Dr. Phil: “I’m Not Saying Jennifer’s A Bad Person”

“The worst thing you can do with a child that comes to report abuse is to fail to believe them,” said Dr. Phil. Brian, a friend of George Gibson, had nothing especially bad to say about Jennifer, but he really didn’t know who to believe. That’s why, upon request, Jennifer took a polygraph test to prove her honesty.


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