Dr Phil: Internet Romance Wiring Money Overseas & Pig Busters Scams

Dr Phil: Online Dating Disaster

Dr Phil helped Dawn come to terms with the reality that she is the victim of an Internet romance gone bad and an online dating scam. What will happen next? Find out what advice Dr Phil had for Dawn about finding love offline and healing from her broken heart.

Dr Phil: Internet Romance Wiring Money Overseas

Dr Phil: Internet Romance Wiring Money Overseas & Pig Busters Scams

Dr Phil debunked an internet romance in which the victim was wiring money overseas and used Pig Busters to identify the scam artist. How can you avoid this?

Dawn has been wiring money overseas in names other than her online boyfriend, David. Her daughter searched for one of the names online and found out it was a scam. But her mother did not believe her.

Dr Phil said that Dawn has admitted to having intimate conversations with David, including sending him racy photos of herself.

Dr Phil: Pig Busters Online Dating

What Dr Phil did find was David’s name and picture on several websites devoted to busting scams. One is called Pig Busters, and they traced the email traffic from David’s Yahoo account to Nigeria. Dr Phil even showed a photo of the scammer.

On another website, Dr Phil learned that he was using other names and the same photos to scam countless other people.

Dr Phil: Internet Romance Broken Heart

This relationship has unfolded over seven months, and Dawn said that talking to David makes her feel good. The sad part is that he is not real.

Dr Phil said that she will never see her money again, which should be obvious. Though Dawn expected to be brokenhearted, she did have a supportive family around her that cared about her and could support her.

Dr Phil: Online Dating Scam Artists

Instead of dating online, Dr Phil suggested that she could invest her time and energy in a real relationship. Dawn admitted that she knew this was a scam, but did not want to believe it was true.

“You were in love with being in love,” Dr Phil diagnosed. I don’t think that is in the diagnostic manual, but that doesn’t make it less true.

Dawn seemed to take it really well that her fake boyfriend was a scam artist. I guess she probably did know the jig was up.

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  • Helen

    i want sign up Pig buster

  • This started ar Match.com1 a week before Christmas 2013 then she was in Malaysia her name Linda Ann Martinez a civil engineer in Kuala Lampur started needing moneyin March 2014 guess I got suckered by her Beauty now she is in Bangkok Thailand needing 1300 dollars for Plane Fare can leave Bankok on the 21st if I sent the funds I’m in almost75000 dollars so far, should I Believe Iits real or not.

  • i was emailed by a man who said he was on zoosk, i talked to him for months….he asked me to accept $5,000 in my bank acct, i wanted no part of this money laundering skeme, said he was an engineer in maylasia and was under scrutiny for possible money laundering and then needed 2,000 to pay his lawyer.. actually, i fell in luv with before all this happened just talking to him on line and cell..today, i found his photo, verified in Nigeria and didn’t take much to figure he was a “known” scammer…broke my heart but that’ll heal faster than my bank acct….i did not send him money and SURELY won’t…i’m just glad that i am very detailed oriented and caught onto him quickly…questions about anyone, just “google” their name, that’s how i pulled up his info…dr phil offers so much helpful advice, ask him or his site if ur unsure….just be careful and most of all, if ur an older person like me, BE AWARE of scammers…judi



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