Dr Phil: International Money Scam On Match.com & Wiring $187,400 To UK


Dr Phil: Angie & Danny

What do you think the following instant message exchange is about?

Dr Phil: International Money Scam On Match.com & Wiring $187,400 To UK

Angie has been wiring money to Danny to pay for his construction company. This started as a money scam on match.com.


Danny: You will have to contact them and tell them you are buying the leeds on behalf of Bill.

Angie: Who’s Bill?

Danny: My Name. Have u forgotten that the name of my company is Bill-multi cc?


Angie: Your name is Danny.

Danny: You tell them you are buying the leeds on behalf of Bill that is all

Angie: No but the way you’re explaining all this sounds very strange. Are you doing anything illegal?

Danny: Never

Sounds like a scam, right? Not to Angie. Angie said she is in love with Danny. They met on match.com but have never met in person. He’s written love poems and letters to Angie and they talk on Yahoo messenger every day. Danny is from the UK and they’ve tried to meet three times, but plans fell through. Angie’s family thinks she is being scammed and in actuality, Angie has been scamming them.

Dr Phil: Angie’s Money

Angie sent money to Danny for his business and personal needs. He said he runs a construction company and needed to pay workers and buy new cranes. Then he was starving and lost his luggage. She’s given him money to come meet her, but he’s not been allowed to leave the UK.

Angie thought she had given Danny around $175,000. Dr. Phil tallied the bills and wire transfers and found she has given Danny $187,400. She’s sold her shares in homes, her children’s life insurance policies, her family heirlooms and racked up thousands in credit card debt.

Angie wants Dr. Phil to help her get $6 million out of Danny’s account in the Cayman Islands. First she needs to put down a $150,000 indemnity to insure the money. Dr. Phil has done a lot of international business and was able to tell Angie that this is 100 percent a scam. There is no such thing as an indemnity. Angie still doesn’t believe the situation is wrong in any way.

Dr Phil: Angie Is a “Lunatic”

Angie’s son Brandon thinks she is a “lunatic.” She has lost her mind by falling for a complete stranger. He wants to help his mom but she insists that Danny is real. He said that if she can’t get this under control he wants nothing to do with her. He had no idea she sold his life insurance to give Danny money. He doesn’t understand how you can love someone you’ve never met.


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