Dr. Phil: Husband Who Spanked His Wife With A Wooden Spoon Speaks Out


Dr. Phil: Man Spanks Wife With Wooden Spoon

Dr. Phil sat down with Kirby, the man who made headlines after he spanked his wife of 26 years with a spoon and she caught him on camera doing it. When his wife Renee turned the footage over to police, Kirby spent 13 weeks in jail. In the video, Kirby said he was spanking her because she didn’t say “yes, sir” in front of their kids. Also in the video, you can hear their kids crying in the background. Renee now has a protection order against Kirby, so Dr. Phil talked to him alone over satellite.

Dr. Phil: Husband Who Spanked His Wife With A Wooden Spoon Speaks Out

Dr. Phil sat down with Kirby, the man who was caught on camera spanking his wife with a wooden spoon. (S_Photo / Shutterstock.com)


Kirby wants to save his marriage with his estranged wife, but he thinks she should repent. Kirby says Renee made a commitment to him to be a “Proverbs 31 woman“, based on the part of the bible that outlines what a wife should be. He says she betrayed that commitment with disrespectful and mean behavior, which forced him to spank it out of her. Kirby also says on that night, Renee set him up.

Renee and Kirby have five children together. Is there any way for Dr. Phil to talk some sense into this man?

Dr. Phil: He Beat Her To “Cure” Her

Kirby wanted to tell his side of the story to get those mistaken impressions out of our head. But in case you were thinking this was the kind of Dr. Phil episode where we learned a bunch of things about Kirby that make us think better of him, it isn’t.


Kirby said he thought his wife had something wrong with her psychologically, after a friend of his told him about his wife being diagnosed as narcissistic. Kirby looked up narcissism on the internet and thought it sounded like his wife. He claimed a test online said that his wife was 77 percent narcissistic and Kirby was 55. He said after reading her results, his wife was very nice to him.

He said that he thought what Renee was doing “looked very demonic” and it “very much startled” him. That’s why he spanked her, because he thought there was a scripture that says to beat the demons out of someone. Then, after he did spank her with a paddle, he realized that made her stop behaving narcissistically. So then he wanted to contact universities and have them study this method of curing narcissism.

Dr. Phil: Warped View of Himself

He also claimed she attacked him first. He said she hit him and spit on him. “I thought, ‘God, you do something here, or I’m going to spank her behind,'” he said. Then, after God didn’t do anything, he went and spanked her.

“Kirby, let me get this right. You took the absence of a sign from God as an endorsement to beat your wife with a paddle. Did I understand that correctly?” Dr. Phil said.

“No, you don’t. I told Him to fix her or I’m going to spank her fanny with a paddle,” he said.

Dr. Phil said that usually people pray to God, but Kirby “told” God to fix Renee. Dr. Phil said Kirby had a warped view of himself and his role as a husband. And, if I may, it seems clear that Kirby has a warped view of his role as a human being. Kirby has some serious, messed-up thoughts on the universe.


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