Dr Phil: Husband Refuses To Testify Against Wife That Shot Him Twice


Dr Phil: Mark Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail

One of Leah’s defenses during the trial that followed her shooting her husband, Ed, was that her boyfriend, Mark, had talked her into doing it. After it was all over, Mark had been sentenced to 18 months in prison for 3rd degree felony inciting to violence. The show reached out to Mark, who responded with a statement from him and his lawyer, which essentially said that he did not want to reopen old wounds left by this fiasco, and who can blame him?

Ed Would Not Testify Against Leah In Court

With Ed talking about murder plots and whatnot, you might be surprised to hear that Leah is serving four years in prison, instead of life. Ed, as it turns out, refused to testify against her in court. The reason for this? Ed did not want their three kids hating him for getting their mother a longer sentence.


Mark Had a Wife When He Was With Leah

Dr Phil: Husband Refuses To Testify Against Wife That Shot Him Twice

Ed didn’t testify against his wife, even after she shot him.

Mark Brown of the Beavercreek Police Department was a lead detective on Leah’s case. He was on the crime scene minutes after the shooting.


The biggest red flag to him was that Leah’s then boyfriend, Mark, was on the crime scene minutes after the shooting happened. Mark had been on the phone with Leah right before the shooting and essentially said to Leah, “Hey, you’ve come this far, might as well go all the way!”

Between the time Mark hung up with Leah and got to the scene of the crime, Mark took a 10 minute shower and then asked his current wife to drive him to the scene of the crime. Mark sounds like a great guy!

Ed Not Sure If Not Testifying Was The Right Call

Though Leah didn’t exactly seem to be the most level-headed individual, she did keep her story consistent, telling Mark Brown that the texts messages led her to pull the trigger on Ed.

Ed still can’t be sure if he made the right call when he didn’t testify against Leah, somehow.


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